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Home Equity Loan vs. Refinance

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Are you considering borrowing money to pay off credit cards? If you are a homeowner you need to make a choice between getting extra money in a refinance or taking out an additional 2nd mortgage. Many consumers are unaware that home equity loans are tax deductible installment liens that carry fixed interest rates. However refinancing a 1st mortgage allows further tax advantageous as well. These loans are ideal for refinancing credit cards and revolving debts.

  • Debt Consolidation for Lower Payments
  • Fixed Home Refinancing with Cash Out
  • Consolidate Credit Lines and Student Loans
  • Refinance with Fixed Home Equity Loan Rates
  • Do Today’s Home Equity Rates Save You Money When Refinancing Debt or Credit Lines?

If you are like many homeowners in the United States you have probably accumulated a considerable debt trying to keep up with your neighbors who live on your street. According to Card-Web, an online credit authority, consumer credit card debt is widespread in the United States. For instance, in 2012, individuals who earned between $70k and $100k annually, and had at least one credit card, and maintained an average revolving balance of about $8k.

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Did You Know that the Rates Fixed Home Equity Loans Reached the Lowest Point in Thirty Years?

If credit card debt is preventing you from happiness, you may be pondering what kind of options you may have as a homeowner. You may want some direction for eliminating your escalating debt.

  • Top Home Equity Loan Programs Available
  • Should you get a lawyer and file for bankruptcy?
  • Should you call a mortgage lender and get approved for a refinance or home equity loan?
  • If you refinance, is a fixed mortgage rate or an adjustable rate mortgage better?
  • What about a home equity loan? The simplest answer of course is to get a debt consolidation loan.

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