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Check out the options for borrowers that have low credit scores. Consider the new non-prime loan products for homeowners looking to refinance the existing home loan that may carry a higher interest rate because of your past credit issues. Qualifying for a mortgage today if you have credit issues can be challenging. We are pleased to announce several lenders have extended access to new loan programs for people with low scores that have limited options.

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  • House buying loans for people with limited credit
  • Choose between metro and rural loan programs
  • Cash-in-hand  from Private Money Lenders
  • Home Remodeling with Past Credit Blemishes
  • Home Loan Programs for Low Credit Scores

When Will Rates Rise for Housing?

For most applicants that are in the market for a new home, there are plenty of different things that need to be considered. While the total price of the home is obviously one, it's often much less of a factor in determining whether or not you can purchase a home. Instead, mortgage rates are the primary factor that most people look at when shopping for a home. Ultimately, the sales prices and your credit score will influence the mortgage rate to some degree, but it's usually determined by the Federal Reserve and by other factors. Undoubtedly when the Fed starts hiking rates the rates on bad credit home loans will jump.

Yes, interest rates have been at all-time lows for years now, and lately it seems like news headlines are always talking about rising mortgage rates. But just when exactly will rates rise? It's a question that is impossible to answer with a specific date. The fact that home loan programs for people with poor credit are available near "record low" interest underscore the opportunity that is available today to finance real estate in the United States of America.

At the moment, 30 year rates are about a quarter percentage point higher than they were last year. That doesn't sound like much, but it's still a sign that rates are increasing. However, experts don't think that they're increasing quite as much as most people assume. Learn more about your eligibility, affordability and the terms of bad credit home loan programs from lenders that have a history of taking a risk on a new home buyer with the right credentials.

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Key Home Loan Factors

Mortgage Refinance

- Get Cash Out
- Lower Payments

- Fixed Rate Loan
- Fixed Loan Term
- Fixed Loan Payment
- Low Payments 40 year mortgage
- Principal & Interest Payments
- Pay Interest on entire Loan

- Home Equity Loan
- Great for Debt Consolidation
- Great for Peace of Mind
- Great Long Term Cash

Bad Credit Loan Programs

  • 560 Fico Scores OK
  • Past Bankruptcy OK
  • Late Mortgage Payments OK
  • Past Due on Credit Cards Allowed

- Interest Only Payment Options
- Low Rate Adjustable Mortgages

- Great for Home Improvements
- Great for Rebuilding Credit
- Great for Consolidating Debt

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Bad Credit Mortgage
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