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How to Pre-Qualify for a Mortgage Loan with Bad Credit

Nationwide has experience matching borrowers with lenders and brokers that take risks making mortgage loans for people with past credit concerns. Do you need help qualifying for a loan to refinance in hopes of securing a better interest rate? Have you been avoiding homeownership because you are worried that mortgage company will reject your application due to derogatory comments on your credit profile that may or may not even be true? There is a right way to pre-qualify for a mortgage loan with bad credit.

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We are one of the few websites online who match applicants with capital sources that specialize in non-prime refinance and home mortgages for people with negative comments reflecting a poor credit score. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a lender who offers refinancing or financing for home buying to borrowers with poor credit and low fico scores. Find new opportunities from brokers that offer low-credit solutions with subprime mortgages for people who have credit scores between 500-600. Consider bad credit mortgage loans with fixed rates for home refinance and subprime equity loans with options for principal and interest or interest only payments for qualifying borrowers.

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Mortgage Loan for People with Bad Credit

Lock into fixed rate refinance loan or consolidate some bills with one of our popular home mortgages. Analyze your home financing options and cash in on your home equity. Many people need mortgage loans for poor credit scores. We Can help you finance home improvements, college or vacation. If you want to keep it simple, we'll simply lower your payments with our competitive first and second mortgage loans.

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Buying a Home With a Subprime Loan

FHA Credit Score Requirements

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How? The FHA Mortgage Helps People with Bad Credit.

The Federal Housing Administration or FHA guarantees certain home loans offered by FHA mortgage lenders. The guarantee just means if the borrower does not pay the mortgage, the FHA will pay back the lender much of what is owed on the loan. FHA has become quite famous for insuring house loans with no credit.

This is important because it allows the lender to take on a higher level of risk than they may otherwise take on. For the bad credit borrower, this means that you may be able to get a home loan with a much lower credit score than with traditional lenders.

In 2018, it is theoretically possible to pre-qualify for a home loan with bad credit from FHA with a FICO as low as 500. That is considered by lending professionals as a poor credit score, and while there are many FHA-approved lenders who will not underwrite a loan at that low of a score, FHA does allow lenders to do so if they choose.

If you have a credit score of at least 580, you might be able to qualify for a 3.5% FHA down payment loan. Most traditional bad credit mortgage lenders require 10-20% down. There are some FHA-approved financers that may require a credit score of at least 620. But if you shop several different lenders, you might find one that will allow you to do a 3.5% down payment at that low of a credit score.

2018 has brought some changes to FHA rules, and perhaps thousands of new applicants may be able to buy a home and qualify for a mortgage loan with a low credit score. Some analysts think that the new changes could allow more than 100,000 families each year to get a loan from FHA. We anticipate there to be even more aggressive programs targeted at consumers that need a refinance mortgage for bad credit.

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Non-Prime Refinance Subprime Loans for House Buying Mortgage Loans for People with Poor Credit Scores

How to Pre-Qualify for a Home Loan with Bad Credit

Nationwide provides info on multiple home loan solutions for people with bad credit. We provide a path for homeowners to find sources that extend competitive lending products like, 2nd mortgages, refinance, debt consolidation, purchase mortgage and FHA loan programs. We keep you updated with financial news, home equity standards and information about your loan in process. Get a free analysis from lenders that understand the challenges of pre-qualifying mortgage loans for bad credit. There is never any application fee or any obligation for researching rates or finance programs.

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Past Credit Problems? Considering a New Mortgage Loan?

Even if other companies have rejected your mortgage loan application you should re-apply. There are several new bad credit loan programs that were released recently. It doesn't take that much time or effort to see if you pre-qualify for a mortgage with bad credit or past delinquencies being reported.

Financing a new home can help your credit rebound, and will often increase your credit scores with timely payments.

  • Roll 1st & 2nd mortgages into one payment
  • Get rid of high interest credit cards
  • Consolidate Adjustable Rate Home Loans
  • Receive Pre-Qualifying Letters
  • Cut your term in half! Go from a 30 to a 15-year term
  • Learn How to Save Money!
  • Convert Interest Only Loans to Fixed Amortization
  • Get a plan that works for rebuilding your credit

8 Things to Help You Get a Bad Credit Mortgage

* Approvals are subject to application submission and to mortgage lender approval based on the following: verification of income, employment, assets and other information like obtaining an acceptable property.

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Don't waste your time online. We'll help you ask all the right questions, so you can find companies that offer products that match your needs and qualifications. Find out what the minimum credit score and minimum LTV requirements are. We will do our best to introduce you to sources that provide obtainable bad credit loan mortgage products that have helped many borrowers in many states. There is no application fee to see if you pre-qualify for a home loan with bad credit.

Credit Repair? Is it possible to
Raise your Credit Score in 3 days?

We suggest proceeding with caution when it comes to credit repair companies that promise to improve consumers' bad credit score without any requesting any documentation. There are mortgage sources that have partnered with credit companies that can help repair your credit in a few days. What's the catch? They will need you to provide letters from the credit card or mortgage companies who reported in error: derogatory credit like late payments or past due accounts. If you have documentation noting the errors, then we can help you clear this from your credit report. The credit bureaus will rectify your credit data, and then adjust your credit scores accordingly. Increasing your credit scores can help you get lower rates and sometimes allow you expanded loan options, like larger loan amounts, less money down, lower rates, etc. This program is not guaranteed and will not help every applicant in every situation get approved. Read one of our recent posts that may help answer your questions: Does Credit Repair Help People Get a Mortgage Approval When Trying to Buy a Home?

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This is not an advertisement for credit. See Privacy for Details. does not make loans or prequalify bad credit mortgage loans. Nothing on this web site contains an offer promise either to make a mortgage loan or that any participating lender will guarantee any loan for any purpose or on any specific terms. Loans cannot be made online or be approved without an underwriter analyzing your credit score, debt to income ratio and combined loan to value.

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