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Bakersfield Mortgage Rates

Home Financing in Central California looks good for qualified loan applicants who are ready to buy a house in the Bakersfield area. According published reports from First American Title, by the end of 2008an estimated two million non-prime home loans offered to borrowers with bad credit histories, are resetting with higher rates that will increase their monthly payments significantly. California mortgage lender provides refinance, second mortgages and home purchase loans for Bakersfield residents with good and bad credit. Many Central California homeowners have found great home financing assistance and excellent customer service from Nationwide Mortgages. We work with local Bakersfield lending companies in an effort to provide superior service for all types of mortgage loans.

  • Fixed rate refinance
  • Refinance 1st and 2nd mortgages together
  • Consolidate all your debts into 2nd mortgage
  • Refinance HELOC's into a fixed rate loan

Nationwide Mortgages was pleased to announce a home financing initiative that helped people with an underwater mortgage find a refinance program that reduced their interest rate drastically.

The FHA program continues to help first time home buyers in Bakersfield realize their dream. With rates being so low more and more people are utilizing the benefits of homeownership. It also doesn't hurt that lenders like us are extending low cost financing for people in the region.

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