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Comparing FHA Loans When Buying a House in Pennsylvania

When buying a house in the state of Pennsylvania using a FHA home loan, it is important that prospective borrowers compare the loans they are looking to apply for. FHA home loans often come with many benefits, and finding the best loan for you will often take some shopping to ensure that the home loan best fits the needs of the borrower or home buyer, meaning that it is best to meet with various different FHA approved lenders and review various different FHA loan conditions until the perfect match is found.

FHA loans are great for those with bad credit or no credit, as the insurance they are backed by will allow lenders to feel more comfortable lending to these more high risk borrowers. This mortgage insurance will protect a lender from a borrower defaulting on their loan, ensuring that the lender will not suffer a loss by giving out the loan in any situation. Also, these types of loans are ideal for Pennsylvania first time home buyers as they come with exceptionally low down payment rates that allow borrowers the opportunity to close on their homes faster.

Different areas of Pennsylvania will have different FHA loan limits, and it is best that a person researches the loan limits for their desired area before applying for a FHA home loan. A loan limit is an amount that the loan may not exceed, and these limits are often based on the median housing price rates found in any given area of the state. This method of pricing will often mean that higher income regions of Pennsylvania will have higher FHA loan limits, while middle income regions will have more middle of the road limits, and lower income areas will have the lowest limits.

For high income regions of Pennsylvania such as parts of Chester County or Delaware County, FHA loan limits are placed around the $305,000 mark for the year 2014. For lower income regions like those found in Crawford County or Forest County, these limits may be placed as low as $24,000 to reflect the average home price in the area. These fluctuating limits, no matter how dramatic, are set in place to accurately fit with the income levels and housing prices found in all regions of the state. For home buyers in the state of Pennsylvania, it is always recommended that FHA loan limits are compared when looking for a home in a particular region.

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