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Individuals living in the cities of Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas can take advantage of loan programs for first time home buyers in Nevada. Many families and individuals who did not have the financial means to purchase their first home have realized their dreams with these Nevada down payment assistance programs. Granted, there are numerous obstacles that can make home buying difficult. However, having sufficient funds is still the primary roadblock that many individuals encounter.

First time home buyers seeking down payment grants in Las Vegas and surrounding cities should consider the Home At Last Access Program for obtaining down payment assistance in Nevada.

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Down Payment Assistance Nevada

The NRHA or Nevada Rural Housing Authority is a down payment grant that is available in Clark and Washoe Counties.

We will help you uncover new opportunities with attractive Nevada first time home buyer programs.

The following are the key points of this down payment assistance Nevada program:

  • 30-year fixed interest rate
  • Allowable property types include attached or detached single family units, condos, and Planned Unit Developments (PUD's)
  • Applies to primary residence purchases only
  • Borrowers (and co-signers) must take a Home Buyer Education class
  • Can be used in conjunction with FHA, USDA, and VA home loans
  • Co-signers can be used for FHA loans provided they follow the applicable guidelines, but cannot be named on the Warranty Deed
  • Income limits apply based on total number of household members
  • Maximum 45% debt-to-income ratio
  • Maximum purchase price of $400,000
  • Minimum FICO score of 640 or higher required
  • Must request down payment assistance for house buying in Las Vegas and the surrounding communities through the NRHA website (must request funds 48 hours prior to the date the loan is funded)

In addition to the above, lenders must be approved in order to offer down payment assistance programs such as the Home At Last Access Program.

This program is available to all homebuyers, provided they will be using the home as their primary place of residence. The program provides 4% of the loan amount for down payment purposes which does not have to be repaid and homebuyers have no asset limits to be concerned with. Because of its extremely competitive mortgage rate, the Home At Last Access Program is the most inclusive down payment assistance program to date.


This is not an advertisement for credit. See Privacy for Details. Nothing on this web site contains an offer or promise for home loan with down-payment assistance. has no official relationship with FHA or any other government housing grant program.

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