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Second Mortgage Loans

Nationwide Mortgages is one of the leading mortgage lenders who offers second mortgage loans online to borrowers with all types of credit. Check out our 2nd mortgage loans for fixed or variable rates for refinancing, home equity, purchase money, debt consolidation, HELOC, and subordinate financing for borrowers with all types of credit. Shop and compare 2nd mortgage rates and loan quotes online. For those of you who are confused about the term, "second mortgage" you are not alone. Many people confuse "second mortgage" or "2nd mortgage", with a 1st mortgage refinance. It makes sense that if someone already has a mortgage loan from their home purchase that when they go to refinance that loan, that they would refer to the new loan as a 2nd mortgage, because it is the second time they have done that loan. Forget about the common sense, and we will help you understand some financial terms and mortgage industry lingo, because it may help you save some time, and get the loan you are looking for.

If you just want to change your existing home mortgage for better terms, like a lower rate, or to convert an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate, this is called a first mortgage refinance. If you want to take out an additional loan without doing anything to your current mortgage then a second mortgage loan is what you want. A second mortgage is a loan taken out using your property as collateral but "priority in settlement of claims given to the mortgage in first position on title. Second Mortgage loans are subordinate liens created by a first and senior mortgage lien. Occasionally these 2nd mortgages are called second trust deeds, and the amortization schedules are typically 15 or year teams rather than the standard 30-year term of 1st mortgage loans.

Second mortgage loans are used for many reasons including; bill consolidation, HELOC refinancing, funds for home improvement, and purchasing a second home or an investment property. 2nd mortgage loans also are frequently used to eliminate the need for a down-payment with a first mortgage in a home purchase transaction. Refinancing or adding a second mortgage can help your credit rebound, and will often increase your credit scores with timely payments.

Did you know that you can use the equity in your home to finance home construction or to refinance loans and credit card debt? Nationwide Mortgages is dedicated to helping you secure the best second mortgage loan so that you can finally go on that dream trip or consolidate bills and adjustable rate loans. Let us help you secure the best 2nd mortgage so you can be on track to fulfill your financial goals!

We are one of the premiere second mortgage lenders on the internet for debt consolidation and home improvement loans. We offer easy qualifying loan products for consolidating your debts with a low interest 2nd mortgage loan and save thousands of dollars a year. *In addition there may tax deductions for mortgage interest up to the value of your home.

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Nationwide Solutions

Nationwide Solutions, your Home Equity Loan Experts, offers exclusive 2nd mortgage, refinance and debt consolidation options to help maximize you utilize the equity in your home.

Nationwide Home Equity

Our HELOC product and Fixed Rate Home equity Loan are our two second mortgage products which offer an interest only payment with the HELOC or terms ranging from 10 to 30 years for the fixed loan.

-Equity Loans Online
-Home Equity Loans
-Home Equity Consolidation
-Stated Income Home Equity
-Fixed Rate Equity Loan
-Equity Line of Credit
-Sub-Prime Home Equity

Nationwide 2nd Mortgage

If you have been turned away for second mortgage because you don’t want to refinance your 1st mortgage; then let Nationwide Mortgages have the opportunity to get you approved for a second mortgage loan that gets you the cash you need at the best rate.

-Second Mortgage
-Fixed Rate 2nd Mortgage
-Debt Consolidation Loans
-Second Mortgage Financing
-Second Mortgage Refinance
-Second Mortgage Loans

Nationwide Home Purchase

Nationwide Solutions is your answer! Contact us and learn how to get your loan funded in 2 weeks!

-Purchase Loans
-Negative Amortization
-Zero Down Home Loans

Nationwide Bad Credit

If you have been denied for refinance or 2nd mortgage because of your low credit scores, then give Nationwide Mortgages the chance to get you approved for a mortgage that helps you save money by consolidating debt and high rate loans.

-Bad Credit Loans
-Hard Money Mortgages
-Sub-Prime Mortgage

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