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Arizona Mortgage Rates

With the best pricing ever still available, the time to compare no cost home loans is now. Arizona mortgage lenders have been actively refinancing local residents as interest rates broke more record last month. Local applicants should feel confident they are getting the best Arizona mortgage rate possible for home financing. If you are tired of dealing with loan brokers that do not understand your local housing market, then you will enjoy the lending process at Nationwide. Arizona mortgage loans of all types are available to qualified borrowers. If you are buying a home, talk with a Arizona lender who can help you get a pre-approval letter quickly and that may help your offer get accepted.

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  • Eliminate revolving credit card interest
  • Consolidate all your bills into an affordable payment
  • Combine your home mortgages together into one low rate mortgage
  • No Down-Payment Options
  • No Income Home Mortgage
  • 100% VA Mortgage Loans

Arizona News Update
Alert About Suspicious Homebuyers

The REALTORS® involved report that the couple has dealt with multiple agents simultaneously. They repeatedly ignored all admonitions not to contact sellers directly. They reportedly denied working with any other agents while having just signed a Buyer’s Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement with another agent. They are evasive when asked questions relevant to their loan qualification. The agents claim that many of the couple’s statements have been proven to be false. In one situation the couple was shown a home, apparently for the first time, by an agent whole shortly thereafter that another agent had just shown them the same property. Discrepancies have been noted when attempting to confirm their name, address and home phone number. This conduct raises a concern of possible casing of properties.

Arizona Mortgage Rates were lower again last month. Borrowers can lock into a thirty-year fixed rate mortgage at 3%

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