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Learn how to save money with lenders that compete for the best interest rates and home loan programs online. Sit back at home and compare our low rate purchase and refinance programs. Borrowers get to work with local mortgage lenders in California that provide finance solutions to all types of borrowers. Shop lenders that offer a vast range of loans such as, a fixed rate refinance, interest only home equity mortgages, jumbo purchase loans and debt consolidation financing. Simply put ---we help homeowners' get affordable home financing for loan applicants with low and high credit scores. Our California lenders provide conforming, jumbo, FHA, VA and negative amortization home mortgage options to ensure the lowest possible mortgage payment. California mortgage rates have dropped to 30-year lows so don't miss out on the home financing bonanza!

Local applicants are invited to shop and compare California mortgage loans, rates, loan quotes, news articles and for helpful insight for consumers in the Western Unites States.

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Shop local lenders who understand credit and the challenges that come with financing a California home in a high cost region. Did you know that refinancing to get cash out or adding another secure loan can help your credit rebound, and in most cases will help improve your credit scores with timely payments?

California Mortgage Lender

With 30-year mortgage rates in California falling near annual lows on conforming programs, millions of homeowners continue to get in line to lower their monthly payments with lower interest rates. Whether you are looking for a FHA loan, a military mortgage or a hard money loan, chance are that our California lenders will be able to meet your needs.

California Home Loans
  • California Jumbo Loans
  • Cash Back Now
  • Refi Underwater Loans with HARP
  • Refinance with No Equity
  • Debt Refinancing
  • Finance a House in CA
  • Combine multiple mortgages into one loan
  • Refinance Risky Negative Amortization Home Loans
  • Consolidate all your bills into one lower mortgage payment
  • Jumbo Loans from Hard Money Lenders in California
  • Refinance your variable rates from Top CA Lenders
  • Save when with consolidating variable rate debt
  • Interest Only California Jumbo Mortgage Options
  • Convert your adjustable rates to a Fixed Rate Loan
  • Rebuild your credit and raise your fico scores
  • California Mortgage Refinance Discounts
  • Finance Home Improvements with FHA 203k Loans
  • Refinance adjustable home credit lines
  • Jumbo Loan Amounts Up to 1.5 Million at 90% CLTV

CA Mortgage Rates by City

Don't get burned by fly-by-night brokers! Talk to California lenders that specializes in local mortgage origination.

Borrowers in Southern California have been reporting struggles in their efforts to take out additional mortgages for cash. So many homeowners are underwater that most mortgage companies do not want to take chances on 2nd mortgages and credit lines. Read the article on Home Equity Loans in San Diego.

State of California at Risk to Go Bankrupt Believe it or not, cities and states in the U.S. can go bankrupt. Just like a business or homeowner, states do default on loans and the ripple effect is immense. The housing market has suffered for over 6 years in Southern and Northern California and many banks are quietly discussing the fall-out if the Golden State dries up.

After all, home values in the state are just starting to rebound and if record low rates in California are any indication, the housing sector could be rebounding ---Read the LA Times article on Cities and Bankruptcy Risks.

Mortgage Disclosure

3% mortgage rates in California are based on a 30-year fixed interest rate program for a loan amount less than $417,000. (APR 3.37%) This quoted rate was for a borrower with a 720 fico that agreed to pay $1,875 at closing for associated lending charges 9-09-12.

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Our California Mortgage Lenders Work with Licensed Appraisers in Your Area.

Find a local appraiser in your area: San Bernardino, Santa Clara, San Luis Obispo, Oakland, Ventura, Irvine, Santa Ana, San Ramon, Los Angeles, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Orange and more.

NO COST Home Equity Line of Credit:

  • California mortgage lenders pay all 3rd party fees
  • No Cost 2nd mortgage for applicants in California
  • Must Have Qualifying Credit Score & Combined Loan to Value Requirements
  • Ask about Tax Credits and credit lines available for solar energy upgrades

30-Year Amortization Term

Interest Only

  • Limited Income Programs (see lender for availability)
  • 100% CLTV on Owner Occupied Properties (see lender for availability)
  • 80% on Non-owner Occupied Properties
  • Qualify at fully amortizing payment
  • 1-4 Units Condos and PUD's

California Mortgage Terms:

  1. First Mortgage Product is available with a 2/28 or 3/27 LIBOR ARM, a 15/15 and 30/30 fixed term, and a 30/15-balloon term. The 2/28, 3/27 and 30/30 terms are available with an Interest Only option with some restrictions.
  2. The Second Mortgage Loans are available with a 15,20, 25 and 30-Year fixed term and a 30/15-balloon term.
  3. Pricing is subject to change daily. Please refer to loan officer for updated interest rates by state.
  4. 30 Yr Amortization: First Mortgage programs are available with a 2/28 or 3/37 LIBOR ARM and 30/10 Balloon first
  5. Interest only is available on the 2/28, 3/27 and 30/30 first liens only (See California lenders for more info and underwriting criteria.)

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