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Are you searching online for Oklahoma Mortgage lenders that provide refinance, home equity, purchase loan financing for people with good and bad credit scores? Shop & Compare mortgage rates by state, loan quotes, and Mid-West real estate articles and for helpful insight for consumers in Oklahoma. Our system can match you with Oklahoma mortgage lenders that have earned a reputation for competitive rates and aggressive loan programs.

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  • Refinance all your home mortgages together
  • Wipe out compounding credit card interest
  • Learn how to consolidate bills to save money
  • Refinance credit lines into a fixed 2nd mortgage
  • Save money every month by consolidating bills
  • Interest Only Mortgage Options
  • Convert your adjustable rates to a Fixed Rate Loan
  • Rebuild your credit & Raise your Scores
  • Consolidate all your bills and save
  • Finance Home Improvements
  • Refinance your home equity line of credit
  • Paying off your Oklahoma mortgage faster

Fixed 15-year Rates Fall to Record Lows
Many borrowers are refinancing into a 15-year loan because it eliminates 180 months of loan payments if you are migrating from a 30-year loan.

Mortgage Rates for Oklahoma

Oklahoma City




With Oklahoma mortgage rates dipping to historic lows on the 30-year fixed loan, you can imagine that millions of people are finding an easy way to save money.

Refinancing underwater loans has never been easier. The Home Affordable Refinance has opened the flood gates for refinancing with no loan to value limits


Mortgage Terms to Know for the Loan Process

Conventional Loan

Second Mortgage


A mortgage loan not insured by FHA or guaranteed by the VA. Fannie Mae sets the conforming loan amounts and for 48 states any loan amount under $417,000 for 1-4 unit properties. For more information and guidelines by state, please visit

A fixed or adjustable rate loan, secured by the equity in your home. Interest is usually tax-deductible to 100% CLTV. Often used for home improvement or freeing of equity for investment in other real estate or investment. Great loan for refinancing to replace or substitute for consumer loans whose interest is not tax-deductible like credit card debt and personal loans.

An account held by the mortgage lender into which the homebuyer pays money for tax or insurance payments. Also earnest deposits held pending loan closing by a 3rd party. You can choose a local escrow company in Oklahoma or a National company as well.

HUD I Settlement Statement Closing Costs Refinance

A form utilized at loan closing to itemize the costs associated with purchasing the home. Used universally by mandate of HUD, the Department of Housing and Urban Development. When a loan is about to close, the HUD-1 is a critical document for borrowers because he shows the final lending costs.

Any fees paid by the borrowers or sellers during the closing of the mortgage loan. This normally includes an origination fee, discount points, attorney's fees, title insurance, survey, and any items which must be prepaid, such as taxes and insurance escrow payments.

Obtaining a new home loan on a property already owned. Often to replace existing liens on your property in Oklahoma.

Deferred Interest

Equity in House

Negative Amortization

When a mortgage is written with a monthly payment that is less than required to satisfy the note rate, the unpaid interest is deferred by adding it to the loan balance. This is common with negative amortization loans.

The difference between the fair market value (appraised value) of your home and your outstanding mortgage balance.

Monthly payments can be less than the interest due. This unpaid interest is added to the unpaid balance of the loan. The danger of negative amortization is that the homebuyer ends up owing more than the original amount of the loan.

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