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Virginia Mortgage Lenders

Virginia mortgage rates fell again, providing the most affordable home financing ever so local applicants should make a move financing while the interest is so low! If you are tired of dealing with loan brokers that do not understand your local housing market, then you will enjoy shopping for loans at Nationwide. Virginia mortgage loans of all types are available to qualified borrowers. If you are buying a home, talk with a Virginia lender who can help you get a pre-approval letter quickly and that may help your offer get accepted.

Shop and compare Virginia mortgage lenders with free loan quotes for great interest rates and terms. Get connected with loan officers in Richmond, Washington DC real estate news articles and for helpful insight for applicants in Virginia. VA mortgage rates are still available to qualified vets in the 100% home financing program.

Refinancing or adding a second mortgage can help your credit rebound, and will often increase your credit scores with timely payments. Even if you had late loan payments, a past bankruptcy or consumer credit counseling, Nationwide Mortgages offers info on many sub-prime lending programs to help improve your finances at home.

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  • Streamline with Low VA Mortgage Rates
  • Find Out How to Eliminate Revolving Interest. Find a path that leads to no more compounding credit card debt
  • Find Virginia home Loan programs for bad credit
  • Refinance junior liens into fixed rate mortgages
  • Learn more about Bill Consolidation
  • Search for Zero Down Mortgage Options
  • Convert your adjustable rates to a Fixed Rate Loan
  • Rebuild your credit & Raise your Scores
  • Cash Out for 2nd Home Purchasing in Virginia
  • See Easy steps to Finance House Improvements
  • Set up a home equity line of credit
  • Compare rates on "home equity loans"

Mortgage Rates for Virginia


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Considering a Government Insured Mortgage when buying a house in Virginia?

When is the best time to lock into the lowest rate? Now is the perfect time to shop Virginia mortgage lenders that believe that if you are in a position to save money by refinancing that it would be prudent to talk to a loan officer right away.

Becoming a Homeowner

What You should Know Before You Buy Your First Home

Home Buying Versus Renting

Learn About Tax Credit and Home Buying from the IRS

Down-Payment Help in the State of Virginia – Learn About Your Eligibility.

Mortgage Terms to Know for the Loan Process

Conventional Loan

2nd Mortgage


A conforming loan is not insured by FHA or guaranteed by the VA. In most cases, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac set the conforming loan amounts and for 48 states any loan amount under $417,000 for 1-4 unit properties. For more information and guidelines by state, please visit

When a homeowners takes out another loan on their property without refinancing their 1st mortgage this is called a junior lien or 2nd mortgage.

An account held by the mortgage lender into which the homebuyer pays money for tax or insurance payments. Also earnest deposits held pending loan closing by a 3rd party.

NO COST Home Equity Line of Credit:

  • Lenders pay all 3rd party fees
  • No Cost Credit Lines for Qualified Borrowers
  • Require a $20,000 draw at closing
  • Minimum loan amount is $20,000
    Must Have Qualifying Credit Score & CLTV Requirements

Interest Only

  • Stated Income Mortgage See lender for eligibility
  • 100% CLTV on Owner Occupied Properties
  • 90% on Non-owner Occupied Properties
  • Qualify at fully amortizing payment
  • 1-4 Units Condos and PUD's
  • Not Available in All States

Virginia Mortgage Loan Terms:

  1. First Mortgage Product is available with a 2/28 or 3/27 LIBOR ARM, a 15/15 and 30/30 fixed term, and a 30/15-balloon term. The 2/28, 3/27 and 30/30 terms are available with an Interest Only option with some restrictions.
  2. The Second Mortgage Loans are available with a 15,20, 25 and 30-Year fixed term and a 30/15-balloon term..
  3. Pricing is subject to change daily. Please refer to loan officer for updated interest rates by state.
  4. 40 Yr Amortization: First Mortgage programs are available with a 2/38 or 3/37 LIBOR ARM and 40/30 Balloon first
  5. Interest only is available on the 2/28, 3/27 and 30/30 first liens only

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