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Find Texas home lenders here that provide refinancing and home purchase loans for Dallas residents with good and limited credit histories. Many Texas homeowners have found great rate loans and excellent customer service from companies referred on Nationwide's website. Get hooked up for free with local Dallas lending companies in an effort to provide superior service for all types of house mortgages.

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Recently the Treasury dept. of our federal government announced a proposed home financing agreement might keep interest rates from rising on subprime mortgages for a while, but the length of time is said to be a key point of discussion. According to a recent report, Economists calculate that about 100,000 borrowers face interest rate "resets" each month for the next two years. Interest rates have dropped again, so if you are thinking about financing a new home in Texas; discuss your loan options with the best Dallas mortgage lenders online.

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Whether you want to discuss buying a home in Texas, fixed rate conversions or just need guidance for best qualifying methods on an underwater mortgage, our lending team will embrace your financing needs. Let Nationwide Mortgages assist you in find a home loan that meets your financial goals. We offer several mortgage relief programs that were endorsed by the Federal Reserve and the Obama Administration. FHA rolled out their latest version of the streamline to assist for borrowers that were having trouble meeting adjustable rate mortgage obligation. The HARP 2 has been extremely popular with Mid-West homeowners that have been struggling with an upside down mortgage. There is zero LTV ratios considered when underwriting the HARP mortgages.

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Since the Dodd-Frank bill passed we have seen tighter regulations of Texas home loan lenders. The reform bill monitors lending companies in all 50 states, but it hasn't hurt the rates in Dallas. First time home buyer applicants have been rewarded with lower home sales prices and the most affordable finance rates as well.

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