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High LTV Second Mortgages
Home Equity Lines -100%

* No Income Verification Option
* Bad Credit Scores to 90%
* 1st Time Home Buyers OK
* No Mortgage Insurance
* Fixed Rate Refinancing
* Home Construction Lending
* Interest Only Home Loans
* No Lender Fee Loans

Looking for Equity Loans behind a Negative Am? We suggest eliminating the deferred interest loan and refinancing with mortgage that ensures fixed amortization from 10 to 30-years.

Qualify & Get Lower House Mortgage Payments Today!

No Cost Home Loans

As a competitive nationwide mortgage lender, we specialize in no closing cost loan programs and no fee refinance options for borrowers with qualified credit. We are an online home equity lender who prides itself in quick loan approvals, no cost refinance and no point home equity loans. Shop Nationwide lenders that offer low interest rate credit lines, home equity loans and fixed refinancing. Compare second mortgage loans that have some of the lowest fixed interest rates in the nation. Choose from several no cost home loan options:

No Cost Home Loans
  1. No Cost Refinance
  2. No Point Home Loan
  3. No Fee Home Loans

With the right credit and equity combination, no cost home loans are possible, so ask a loan professional about the requirements, so that you can see if you qualify with your credit score, loan-to-value and debt to income ratio. Get a no closing cost home loan and save the money for a rainy day!

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Property Value:

Credit Rating:
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At Nationwide, we pride ourselves in helping people find unique no cost home loan programs with accurate interest rates and rapid loan processing. Our streamlined structure enables us to offer you a wider selection of second mortgages with more flexible loan terms that do not require any income verification for good people who do not want to document their income. You'll see that our reduced documentation loans and stated income second mortgages aren't difficult to qualify for, and our interest rates are very competitive. No cost mortgages have been more popular than ever as interest rates continue to break 50-year records. Top 8 Home Equity Loan Programs

no fee home loans

Benefits of Home Equity Loans with
No Closing Costs or Lender Fees.

Shop for Low Home Equity Payments
Larger Equity Loan Amounts
No Lending Fee Equity Line
No Closing Cost Loan Options
100% HEL Loans to $500,000
Refinance Your Variable Rate without Fees
Cash Out Loans with No Closing Costs (See loan company for terms and requirements)

Note: Many brokers and lenders may be offering no cost home loans but make sure that they are not hiking the interest rate. Many brokers will charge you a rate a percentage point higher when a borrower opts for a no closing cost loan. Nationwide Mortgages will extend you the same home loan rate whether you are paying for lending fees or selecting a no cost home loan.

Negotiating Lower Mortgage Fees and Closing Costs on Home Loans

What a lot of people may not realize when they first enter their bank looking to qualify for a home loan with no closing costs is that there is a surprising number of areas where they don't have to simply accept what the bank offers. It is actually possible to negotiate for much more favorable terms if an individual has a better understanding of what their options actually are.

Of course, the first thing that an individual needs in order to put themselves in the best position possible is a good credit score. The better history and score that an individual has when it comes to their credit, the better they will be able to negotiate for the elimination, or at least reduction, of certain fees and costs. When an individual gets a home loan, there are a number of hidden fees and costs that are tucked into the loan that a lot of people may not be aware of. Discussing all of these costs and finance options with a lender will not only help a person to be more educated when it comes to what they are spending their money on, but also allow them to possibly get some of their closing costs and fees reduced.

Some examples of fees that are up for negotiation are things like underwriting fees, escrow, title, and even processing costs. While it may not be possible to eliminate all of these additional costs, it never hurts for person to ask to have some of them reduced or removed altogether.

While no cost home loans are ideal, they may not be possible in every situation. However, once an individual sits down and begins to negotiate the loan costs with their lender, they may be pleasantly surprised to find out just how much they can reduce their closing costs and other mortgage fees. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to shop around when it comes to the lender that an individual does business with. By comparing home loans side-by-side, a person will be in a better position to choose a loan that better fits their particular needs from the get-go and then go about negotiating that mortgage with their lender in order to get even more favorable terms.

With everything from interest rates the lender's fees, closing costs to origination fees on the table, borrowers can dramatically reduce the amount of additional fees that they pay when purchasing the home that they have always wanted.

20 Reasons Why a Home Equity Loan Is More Powerful than a Personal loan or Credit Lines

Loans with No Closing Costs

We offer options for no closing cots on both fixed rate home equity loans and adjustable rate credit lines. Check out our online incentives for no income verification home loans; no cost refinancing, Conventional, VA, FHA home loans and Interest Only Programs.

Less People Losing Home Equity - Approximately 400,000 less homeowners in the United States experienced their home loans dip underwater in the 2nd quarter this year, according to the National Mortgage News.

No Closing Cost Home Loan
Borrowers with good credit like to get rewarded with no cost loans online.  Take advantage of paying no lending fees for many of our mortgages.
- No Cost Home Purchase
- No Cost Refinancing
- No Cost Second Mortgage
Nationwide Mortgages

- Get Cash Out
- Reduced Payments
- Fixed Rate Loan
- Fixed Loan Payment
- Terms: 15,20,25 or 30-year
- Principal & Interest Payments
- Stated Income Options
- Home Equity Loan
- Great for Debt Consolidation
- Great for Peace of Mind

Mortgage No Costs

Free Quotes for a
Mortgage Refinance

No Cost Home Equity Options

• No Application Fee
• No Commitment Fee
• No Point Options

- Low Rate Credit Lines
- Great for Rebuilding Credit
- Great for Home Improvements

Need a Quick Cash, but Don't Want to Refinance Your 1st Mortgage?

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If your credit cards and adjustable rate loans are rising, take action and refinance all your variable rate credit into a fixed rate second mortgage or home equity loan that can eliminate thousands of dollars in interest for you every year!
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- Low Rate Debt Consolidation
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This is not an advertisement for credit. See Privacy for Details. "No cost loans" refer to mortgage products that include lender paid closing costs for qualified borrowers. See lenders for specific requirements and terms on no cost home loans. Nothing on this site contains an offer promise either to make a home loan or that any participating lender will guarantee any home loan for any purpose or on any specific terms. has no official relationship any other government sponsored enterprise. Loans cannot be made online or be approved without an underwriter analyzing your credit score, debt to income ratio and combined loan to value.

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