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1st-Time Home Buyer Loans with FHA - This government insured program has helped millions of new buyers get financed.

Down-Payment Assistance Home Loans - Uncover special grants for first time home buyers

Rent to Own Home Loans - Believe it or not there are several new programs that help people renting become a homeowner without moving.


Find Several First Time Home Loan Offers with No Obligation or Money Out of Pocket.

Compare lenders in 30 seconds with one quick, easy form.

Check rates for 1st time home buyers and get a free personal quote from a licensed loan officer in your state.

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  • Secure your housing payments with fixed rates
  • Earn a tax credit for being a first time home buyer
  • Take out a 2nd loan to pay for furniture and new appliances.
  • Earn $$ rebates with energy efficient financing from FHA
  • Convert your adjustable rates to a Fixed Rate Loan
  • Buy a Home with limited or no credit established
  • Get Money for a Home Rehab
  • Finance Home Improvements
  • Mortgage Pre Approvals

First Time Home Buyer Loan Programs

Find Lenders with Special Loans for 1st Time House Buyers Seeking Low Down Payments & Great Rates for Good, Bad and No Credit

Check out our unique new home buying programs from mortgage companies that specialize in first time home loan programs. Nationwide Mortgages introduces finance professionals to consumers seeking 1st time home buyer mortgage products. We hold the hands of our customers all the way through the home loan process. Shop and compare traditional, VA and FHA purchase mortgages for people with good and bad credit. Shop and Compare home mortgage rates and loan programs online. It's quick, easy, and safe! With our convenient application there are only four steps to complete, and all your information will be transferred over to our secure server, ensuring your privacy. American consumers can now finance a new home with little or no money down. Whether you are an experienced homeowner looking to move, or a first time home buyer looking for some solid advice, Nationwide can will save you time and money.

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Mortgage Rates on First Time Home Buyer Loans Remain Attractive

Simply complete a few questions about your property, income, finances, and your credit history and then we will have lenders follow up with you to discuss first time home loan programs, interest rates, lending costs and eligibility. Please complete the form below and one of our 1st time home buyers specialists will get back to you shortly to complete the application process with a pre-approval letter.

Find out how much purchase power you have when buying your first home with us. You can search and compare banks and lenders that offer conforming and jumbo loan amounts on first time home buyers programs with affordable interest rates that keep the payment shock to a minimum. How much will you save by choosing Nationwide Mortgages for your first home buyer's loan? The Federal Government has used low rates to revive the housing sector and now is your chance to reap the benefits. Are you looking for first time home buyer programs for bad credit?

First Time Home Buyer Loan
  • 100% Loans from VA
  • Home Finance with FHA
  • USDA $0 Down Financing
  • First Time Home Loans
  • No Application Fees 1st Time Home Buyers
  • Fannie Mae New Home Buying Loans

Popular Choices for 1st Time Buyers - FHA & VA

Welcome to your nationwide home lender specializing in the home loans with zero down and refinancing online. We are a nationwide lender approved for FHA loans. We strive to provide you with quality service & the quickest approvals in the mortgage industry. We will direct you to several government lenders who will contact you quickly with competitive FHA and VA mortgage quotes. With loans insured by the FHA, you only need a 3.5% down-payment and with VA home mortgages you need zero down because the Veteran's Administration guarantees the home loans 100%.

With an experienced team of loan veterans, we look forward to earning your business! Nationwide provides free consultation for first time home buyers with bad credit and home improvement loans. We help you make the most of your time and money by identifying the residential lending source who can best meet the needs of the borrower. We understand that buying property may be the most expensive transaction that you do in your life-time. That's precisely why we work so hard to save you money throughout the home loan process. Remember, if you will likely need capital for furniture and other miscellaneous expenses that arise when you become a homeowner.

Affordable Housing with Great Rates Available

Were you aware that interest rates on first time buyer home loans have fallen to a record low level again? That makes the present a great time to get qualified with the interest rate lock in for fifteen or thirty-years!

1st Time Homebuyers

Learn more about the benefits and finance incentives that come with being a "first time home buyers." Whether you have good, fair or poor credit, we have access to home financing that helps renters become homeowners without breaking the bank.

In most cases, buying real estate is an over-whelming experience for 1st time home-buying consumers. The fact is that first time home buyer loans with bad credit and zero down-payment are still available at this time.

* Mortgage Interest Deductions
* First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit
* Down-Payment Assistance Loans
* Cost-Effective First Time Home Loan

No Cost to Get Your Credit Score that Lenders See - Don't go into any home buying transaction without knowing your fico scores. There is no reason you should pay a higher interest rate on a first time homebuyers loan if you have knowledge of your fico scores.

First Time Home Financing with Limited & Poor Credit

Do not let your credit blemishes from the past stop you from buying a home. Learn more about first time home buyer loans with bad credit and zero down.

* Home Loans for Bad Credit
* No Credit Home Loan Programs
* Pre-Qualify for a First Home Loan even with Limited or Poor Credit Scores
* Review multiple offers for first time homeowners loans

In many cases, financing an automobile or house will help consumers rebuild their credit. Once a person makes consecutive timely payments, we often see elevated fico scores with all three bureaus.

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Affordable First Time Home Loans for People with Bad Credit Scores

Millions of American consumers have become homeowners with the home buying initiative endorsed by our Federal Government. 1st time Home Buyer Programs have been embraced by organizations like VA, FHA, USDA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Read our article, Are You a First Time Home Buyer with Bad Credit?

Disclosure: The 3.5% rate quoted on this page was for a qualified first time home buyer that selects a conventional, FHA or VA with a loan amount of $220,000. The monthly payment for this home loan would be $987.90 and that does not include property taxes or insurance. 9-27-12, 640 fico with sufficient income documentation. The APR is 3.5% as this is a no cost home loan in which the fees and closing costs are paid from the lender credit.

House Prices Jump Nationally!
According to Bloomberg, home purchase activity soared last quarter. This is the biggest increase since February 2006. Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the Realtors group, said the spike in home sales in August was probably the "last hurrah" for the next year to 18 months as higher prices and the rise in home mortgage rates hinders affordability for some first time house buyers.

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Confidence For People Seeking First Time Home Buyer Loans

Let's be honest, purchasing a home for the first time can be a daunting and exciting event. Because the loan amount is likely to represent a figure that most people never encounter during their day-to-day life, the simple act of first time home buying for hundreds of thousands of dollars can be enough to make a lot of people hesitant. When you factor in additional things like taxes, interest, credit scores, and the variety of loans that are available, a person may find that they are a little bit overwhelmed by the entire process.

Loan Programs for First Time Home Buyers

Fortunately, it is relatively easy for person to gain some much-needed confidence so that they can go about their first home buying experience without the worries or hassles that so many other people encounter.

1st Time Home Buyer Insight by James Swift

If you presently rent, then you are gaining equity for your landlord. If you become a homeowner than any equity gained in your property is all yours. Let's say your first time home loan is an FHA and you only put a 3.5% down payment. So on a $200,000 house that would be $7,500 down. Let say over the first 5 years your house appreciated 15% that would mean that you earned $30,000 in equity for living in your home and making your monthly payment. That's a pretty amazing return on investment because whether you rent or own your home you have to pay for housing. Clearly it pays to own.

Know Yourself and What You Can Afford Before You Talk to a Realtor

It is difficult to overstate just how important it is for person to have a clear idea of what their credit history and score is before they ever start looking at homes. A low score can prevent a person from qualifying for a first time home loan before they ever begin the process of shopping for a house. Fortunately, first-time homebuyers have the option of going through the FHA which has much less strict lending guidelines than traditional banks and other lenders. That does not mean, however, that a person shouldn't take the time to make sure that there credit history is in good order and that their personal finances have been straightened out before they try to get approved for a first time mortgage.

Understand the Market for First Time House Buying

There are a number of reasons for an individual to consider purchasing a home, not least of which is the fact that things like tax deductions for mortgage interest and tax credits for first-time homebuyers can go a long way towards making homeownership a much more affordable option than renting. Of course, in order to get the most out of these types of benefits, an individual will need to shop with in their price range rather than trying to buy the most expensive house that they qualify for.

In the end, a good combination of homework, research, and a working knowledge of how the average home loan works will deliver the type of confidence the person needs to purchase their first home without having to deal with the type of problems that can cause issues for people who don't take the time to go about the process properly. Understanding interest rates, closing costs and other fees, and the options that are available for first-time buyers can make buying a home for the first time a much more pleasant experience.

Learn More About New Grants for First Time Home Buying

Read More about the Fed's Programs for House Buying - The Federal Reserve has gone to great lengths to help renters become homeowners with info on grants and down-payment assistance.

HUD's Checklist for First Time Home Buying - Homeownership has its benefits but it pays to be organized and pragmatic when it comes to buying a house in the United States.

Find Government Home Buying Grants - The Federal government has invested significantly in annual budgets to help stimulate homeownership. See if you meet the requirements with the first time home buyer grants.

Learn more about Low Income Federal Tax Credits - Take advantage of tax incentives that are available for people with lower incomes.

CALHFA Assistance for First Time Home Buying - One of the best ways to accumulate wealth is through homeownership. Find out if you are eligible for 1st time home buyer program incentives like down-payment assistance, etc.

Additional Choices for First Time Homeowners from the Lenders at Nationwide

Nationwide provides a path for consumers to find superior refinancing and home loans with options like credit line conversions that transform variable interest into a fixed amortization schedule without annual fees or early termination penalties.

3.5% down is all you need for a low interest rate first time home loan that is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. This FHA choice has been popular with first time homeowners for decades. In many cases, these first timer loans help ease the transition for homebuyers purchasing a home.

Consumers also seek FHA because in some cases they approve first time home buyer loans with bad credit. The guidelines enable lending underwriters to approve borrowers that have credit scores as low as 500.

We help renters become homeowners all the time without increasing their housing expenses. Our consultants will try and help you qualify for financing even if they are a 1st-time home buyer with limited or poor credit. First time home loan rates have never been better. 30-year home loan rates remain attractive so find a house and make an offer.

What Is Needed To Get the Best Loan for Home Buying | CALHFA for First Time Home Buying

It's still an excellent time to get a quote from refinance lenders if you already own a house and have an existing adjustable rate mortgage that is rising. You should also talk to our team if you find yourself stuck with an underwater home loan.

Get More Info or Call our Friendly Loan Department for a No Cost Quote for 1st Time home Buyers!

This is not an advertisement for credit. See Privacy for Details. Nothing on this web site contains an offer promise either to make a first time home buyer loan or that any participating lender will guarantee any home loan for any purpose or on any specific terms. has no official relationship with FHA, VA, USDA or any other government sponsored enterprise. 1st Time home loans cannot be made online or be approved without an underwriter analyzing your credit score, debt to income ratio and combined loan to value.

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