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Today's borrowers are savvy and comparing rates for refinancing or home buying is a critical part of online shopping. At Nationwide Mortgages we have investing a significant amount of our profits in technology so that consumers can compare mortgage rates online quickly and efficiently without having to spend any money to get answers and quotes from some of America's top lenders.

For well over a decade, our company has been providing competitive mortgages to borrowers with a wide range of credentials. We help a multitude of consumers get approved for finance programs that are affordable and cost-effective.

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Checks out the new pages listed below that were created to help you conduct a mortgage rate comparison that best suits your goals in today's financing options.

Most of the Department of Housing and Urban Development recent expansion under Dodd-Frank is a result from violations of Section 8 of RESPA. Clearly, HUD is cracking down on kick-backs and loan originator's ability to raise the fees above the cost of 3rd-party services in conjunction with the mortgage.

Things of Value: Loan officers must be able to document "valued services" for any fee that is charged to the borrower with respect to the loan.

Fee-Splitting: The sharing of fees among lending settlement providers. Nobody shall give or accept any split, or percentage of any charge other than for the actual service that the company actually performed.

Markups: A unilateral increase in the cost of a settlement service and retention of the additional fee by the party making the markup. Some courts have maintained that even unilateral markups are illegal. HUD's policy on markups is that they are illegal across the board because they violate Section 8.

Now is the time to compare mortgage interest rates on home financing and refinancing transactions in any of the 50 states.

Compare Mortgage Rates

We have trained loan originators ready to help you review the best mortgage offers available to you in regards to financing you are eligible for.

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