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Affordable monthly housing and eased standards have led many first time home buyers to take advantage of house loans for poor credit programs nationally. Some people with bad credit may feel as though they won't be able to get a home loan in their current situation; however, in this day and age there are options for those with less than perfect credit to get a house loan and become homeowners. Find mortgages geared towards people with poor credit scores do exist, and finding the right one for you may mean the difference between becoming a homeowner and not.

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We connect you with lenders that specialize in house loans for people with low credit scores. It's no secret that most traditional lenders and banks do not take risks on bad credit mortgages. Take a minute a find out if you meet the simple requirements for a home loan at no cost.

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The fact is that Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, FHA, private money and subprime lenders have all recently introduced programs featuring home loans for people with bad credit scores.

Popular Poor Credit Loans Programs

  1. Hard Money – Hard money lenders are private entities willing to give loans to people looking to buy a home but have poor credit that will often cause their loan application to be denied by other sources. These home loans with poor credit will often come with high interest rates and lender focus on the value of the property over the level of a borrower's credit score.
  2. Bad Credit House Mortgages – Only a few mortgage companies are able to offer specific house loans to prospective home buyers looking to purchase a home, but who do not have the time to wait to build up their credit score. Nationwide makes it easy for you by connecting you with companies that provide high risk mortgages to people with low credit scores. These mortgages will vary in terms of conditions, interest, and other aspects, and those looking to be approved for one of these first time home loans for poor credit should always shop around before deciding on one finance organization over another.
  3. FHA Mortgages – These types of house loans are some of the most popular for people with poor limited or poor credit, as the insurance that comes along with these loans allows lenders to feel more comfortable lending to those with less than exemplary credit scores. These poor credit home loans are given by FHA approved lenders to qualifying applicants to pay for the homes they want within a certain price limit.
  4. VA Mortgage Loans – For military members and their families, VA mortgages are available to purchase a home with a low credit score. This program is available to service members who have been discharged from the military for reasons not deemed dishonorable or who are currently serving, as well as spouses or immediate family members of those serving or those killed during the course of action.

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With the housing sector roaring back, more and more organizations are pitching in for down-payment assistance programs in many states. Even people with poor credit are finding attractive housing initiatives for first time home buyers. Interest rates remain very low at the moment, so don't wait if you low fico scores and you are considering homeownership. The process for buying a house has been streamlined and millions of Americans are being blessed with reduced housing expenses monthly.

First Time Home Buyers Down- Payment Assistance Under WISH

Looking for Help with Down-Payments?

  • Enhance house buying opportunities for very low-income families
  • Receive up to $15,000 in funds for down-payment assistance



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