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VA Mortgage Loans

Veteran Loan Programs for VA Home Mortgages Backed by the US

Take a look at our VA mortgage loans that were created to assist veterans with homeownership. Compare interest rates, loan terms and get helpful guidance with government loans. VA mortgage loans are recommended to veterans who seek financing that requires no money down. If you have a military background, ie. you are active or have served in the armed forces such as the Army, Navy, Air Force Marines, Coast Guard or the even the Reserves, you may be eligible for a highly attractive mortgage that is backed by the U.S. government. You owe it to yourself to see if you qualify for such a great vet-loan with no deposit or down-payment needed.

Yes, VA home loans are guaranteed by the VA Department of Affairs but veterans can get approved for home financing with a lender like, Nationwide can help you locate VA approved to extend credit for refinancing and purchase transactions. The VA is best known for offering the zero down home loan to eligible military vets.

Military Mortgages for Low Rate Home Buying and Refinancing

VA mortgages are to assist eligible people on active military duty or retired status to buy primary residences. Usually No Appraisal Required, so if you have already have a veteran loan and your home is worth less than your mortgage, do not fret, because the streamline mortgage is not concerned about the home's value.

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VA Mortgage Loan Highlights

  • Maximum CLTV 100% for Purchase or Rate and Term Refinance on All Military Mortgage Loans
  • High Balance VA Loan Amounts range from $417,000 to $700,000 (based on state lending limits outlined by Fannie Mae, Freddie Ma and HUD)
  • No Fico Score Minimum
  • Affordable Government Mortgage Loans
  • 90% LTV when getting cash back in loan
  • See the Latest Updates on VA Loans
  • Maximum Debt to Income: 45- 55% depending on equity and credit history
  • Documentation Types - Full or Lite-Doc with VA Streamline
  • Find a Lower Interest Rate with the VA Streamline Refinance
  • VA Loan with Nothing Down required for Deposit or Down-Payment
  • Refinance into a fixed rate mortgage
  • VA Streamline Refinancing for Veterans who currently have a VA loan
  • No Home Loan Insurance on VA Mortgage Loans
  • Search and Compare VA Mortgage Lenders for Competitive Interest Rates Online
  • Get Pre-Qualified for a VA Home Loan
  • Apply for a Certificate of VA Eligibility

No Minimum Credit Score with VA Mortgage Programs

VA mortgage lenders are not overly concerned with a credit score. Finding a low rate is not a problem today, but getting good service and great interest rates on VA mortgages is hard to find. Our company aims to please and we are honored to serve the U.S. Military with mortgages that require nothing down.

VA mortgage loan
100% VA Home Financing

The VA mortgage is a great way for people with a military background to qualify for a zero down home loan.

  • Make adjustable interest rate loans disappear
  • Consolidate mortgage and credit line and refinance into one loan with a lower mortgage payment
  • Refinance or Purchase on VA mortgages
  • Save 40 to 75% with Bill Consolidation
  • Rebuild your credit & Raise your Scores
  • 100% Home Construction Financing
  • Cash back refinancing to 90% on VA mortgage loans

Helpful mortgage info for credit & loan terms

Subprime Mortgages

100% Home Financing

Home Loans for Native Americans: Native American Military Veterans may be eligible for direct VA mortgages to simultaneously buy and rehabilitate a property. Refinancing is possible with existing liens financed under NADL to reduce the present loan rate.

Did you know that there is special house financing available in cases wherein lies an agreement between the tribal structure and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Veteran must occupy the property as his or her home; a loan for rental or investment purposes is not permitted.

VA Mortgages for Military Borrowers with Bad Credit

As a veteran, there are numerous government programs in place designed to help you enhance your future. VA mortgages are among one of the most well-known and most commonly taken advantage of, and since VA house loans often come with good terms and no down payment required it isn't hard to see why. But veterans are humans too, and it's easy to find yourself in a situation where bad credit seems to be holding you back. However, there are VA mortgages for people with bad credit and these programs can help you in a significant way – even if your FICA score isn't quite where you'd like it to be.

Home loans from the VA are actually designed to help veterans who are facing low credit scores, and in the long run they'll actually help you re-establish credit. And, surprisingly, they're actually still fairly easy to qualify for – especially compared to other non-prime programs but these are really the only guaranteed home loans available to qualified vets. On top of that, these are the only loan program available in the marketplace today that requires no down-payment even if the borrower has derogatory comments on their credit report.

There are no minimum credit score requirements in place with a VA loan. VA lenders look at a lot of different things, and credit score may be one of them, but it's not the bottom line. A few other things can help.

  • In many instances you can actually receive your VA mortgage by showing that your bad credit rating was caused by hardship. Things like job loss or a medical condition that have impacted your ability to pay loans on time are examples of hardships. You can often send these to your VA lender and help improve your chances of receiving a VA military mortgage even when you have bad credit.
  • VA lenders look at a lot of different things when deciding on accepting a loan, not just credit. Your income and employment history will matter significantly. Veterans who have worked in the same position for an extended period of time will find that their odds of receiving a loan are better than those who haven't worked regularly. Income will have an impact as well, and your debt to income ratio will have a major impact on your acceptance.
  • While one of the hallmarks of a VA mortgage is that there is no down payment required, those looking for VA home loans for veterans with bad credit may find that a down payment can help improve their chances of receiving a loan. By showing that you're serious about your home loan through offering a down payment, you may be able to secure a loan that was otherwise out of reach.

There are numerous situations in which a loan may be secured even if bad credit is an issue. Finding a trustworthy VA mortgage lender to help you consider your options is the first step. Together you can determine what you need to do in order to qualify for the loan you want and get you into the home of your dreams. Don't assume that your credit means you can't get a home. With help from VA mortgages it's more than possible to buy a home, even with a bad credit rating.

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