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Fixed Mortgage Refinancing with No Equity Needed
100% refinance loans create new possibilities for homeowners seeking payment relief. Ask your loan officer if you are eligible for HARP refinancing. This program does not care how underwater your mortgage may be and the interest rates are great!

Find a Fixed Rate VA home Loan to Lower Monthly Payments.

Apply in 30 seconds with one quick, easy form for mortgage refinancing.

Streamline Loans with 100% Refinancing Possibilities.

The Federal Housing Administration introduced the Short Refinance. This relief program reduces principal for distressed homeowners.

The President and Congress backed a new and improved version of the Home Affordable Refinance Program. It's called HARP 2.0 and there is no longer any loan to value restrictions for "mortgage refinancing" with liens owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Learn more about HARP.

Check 100 mortgage financing rates and get a free personal loan quote from a lending expert online. We do not charge for quotes or applications and of course there is no obligation to do business with our company.


Fed Relief in 100% Mortgages

After a five-year + housing crisis, the Federal government has seen the writing on the wall and extended monetary incentive to loan companies will to offer "100% mortgages" in refinance transactions.

With Fannie and Freddie leading the way with the HARP refinancing program, we have seen VA and FHA respond with a similar opportunity for their customer base under the streamline product line.

With no income documentation and no formal appraisal required their customers are able to get approved for a no equity mortgage at an affordable low interest rate.


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Guide to Going Green at Home

100% Mortgage Refinancing

High LTV Refinance Loan Programs

Compare 100% refinancing options for loans and rates with no equity required. Learn more about "100 mortgage" programs with great options for refinance, home financing and consolidation. Shop prime and sub-prime loan programs for all levels of credit. Let us direct you to lenders offering more than 100 mortgage programs to choose from, in most cases our customers can find the right refinancing solution. Ask about our no cost mortgage refinancing with no equity required.

See Nationwide Lender Offers for Mortgage Refinancing Beyond 100% Loans on HARP, FHA and VA

We pride ourselves in providing info about competitive refinance products at a discounted rate of interest. If you are looking to get cash using your equity and want the best possible loan, then let Nationwide Mortgages help you get qualified today. Shop and compare 100% LTV mortgage rates for 1st and 2nd refinance loans. Whether you are cashing out, home refinancing for a better rate and term or simply need want to make some home improvements, we match you with the lending sources that best meet your financial needs. There is no fee to shop lenders, compare lenders or see rates.

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Refinancing Made Easy

HARP Refinancing - Now there is no loan to value limits with the Home Affordable Program. The Federal Government has mandated refinancing beyond the 100% mortgage with the latest HARP program.

Compare the Leading 100% LTV Mortgage Financing Offers Now for Free

Military homeowners and retired Vets can borrow against their residence without be required to pay mortgage insurance for exceeding 80% LTV. Qualified applicants can get VA mortgage refinancing with a streamline that is a 100% LTV refinance with an interest rate reduction or they can use pay-off conventional liens that will be guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Call the No Equity Mortgage Department with Questions on LTV, Credit & Qualifying Guidelines

5 Top Mortgages > 100%

100% Mortgage

1. 3.0 HARP Refinancing with no LTV caps

2. DU Refi-Plus to 105%

3. FHA Streamline Refinance with documentation waived for income or appraised value.

4. VA Streamline goes beyond a 100% Mortgage if you bought your home prior to 5-31-2009.

5. USDA Loan approves 100% refinancing to people who own rural houses.

Talk to your loan officer for more specific product requirements.

Find Out How Borrowers Get a 100% Refinance with No Appraisal & Limited Income Documentation from VA Benefits.

VA mortgage refinancing requires no equity on rate and term transactions. Now even with no equity, you can lower your mortgage payment and refinance to 100%. Finding a program that offers a cash-out refinance for bad credit with no equity is tough, but the VA underwriters have the ability to approve it, if it makes sense.

2018, looks like a great year to shop 100% mortgage refinance rates and compare conventional and non-conforming loans with options from 15 to 30-years. The VA is one of the only government programs that guarantees the refinance mortgage for Vets and this eases the burden of risks for most lenders. Select loans from fixed rate, adjustable or interest only. No equity refinancing and getting qualified for no down-payment loans can be complicated, so make sure you are comparing quotes with reputable mortgage refinance lenders.

The Nationwide blog will help keep you updated with "mortgage refinancing" news that seems to break all the time these days. Read more about trends in 2016 and 2017. You can find refinancing advice and information about proposed mortgage refinancing offers from the lenders you are shopping with online.

Refinancing your home can help you lower monthly payments to free up funds and can also be used to get extra cash from a 'cash out' refinance. No matter how you go about using it, the simple fact is that qualifying for 100% LTV refinance can have a tremendous impact on your finances and your life in general.

Affordable 100% Financing Solutions

Get simple quotes from mortgage refinancing companies that understand your needs and today's guidelines. In many instances, 100% home financing is not available at your local bank. There is never any application fee or any lending charges for researching rates or comparing our refinance mortgage programs. Sit back and relax and let our lenders earn your business.

Home Purchase Loans
80-20, 80-10-10 or 100% LTV
Finance to 100% with USDA and VA
100% Refinance
Choose from multiple 100% LTV Mortgage Solutions. Check HARP Program eligibility.
See the latest Government Checklist for the Home Affordable Refinance Program
Fixed Second Mortgage Rates
Leave your 1st loan alone and take out a 2nd lien for getting quick cash or refinancing high rate debt. Ask about 100 LTV mortgage on 2nd liens.
30-Year Home Equity Loan
See the latest Cash Loans with a Fixed Interest Rate & the same payment amount for three-hundred & sixty months
Bad Credit Mortgage Loans
Find out if consolidating debts could save you money. Talk to credit repair specialists and get a game plan to raise your credit scores from a practical installment loans with no hidden fees.

Home Equity Credit Line
Need Money for Improving Your House?
100 to 115% with FHA 203K loan that is strictly for home repairs, energy efficiency and rehabilitation.

Read the Homeowners Guide to Financing Solar Energy

Rate Shopping Tips *When shopping offers from mortgage refinancing lenders make sure you compare the rates, APR, monthly payments and closing costs. Ask lenders for more info on applicable 100% mortgage programs for you.

Today's Interest Rates Fall Again for 100% Refinancing

Nationwide understands the no equity obstacle that millions of Americans have experienced and that is why we put a lot of effort into our 100% loan program. Now there is no loan to value limits with the Home Affordable Program. The Federal Government has mandated refinancing beyond the 100% mortgage with the HARP 3.0 program.

Talk to the High LTV Refinance Experts Now

Whether you want discuss credit parameters, interest rates or just need more assistance understanding loan guidelines for getting cash out of your home, Nationwide Mortgages is here to help.

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No Equity Refinance Programs
* Jumbo Home Lending
* Mortgage Consolidation
* 100% Refinance Loans
* Streamline Refi
* HARP Mortgage Refinancing
* No Cost Mortgage Refinance

Unique Program Features

• Processing Time Cut by 50%
• Low Closing Cost Option
• No Pre Pay Penalty Option
• Interest Only Option
• 100% Refinance Programs
• Zero Cost Home Refinance

100% Mortgage Financing
• No Cost Refinancing Option
• Fixed Rate 100 LTV Refinance
• VA Streamline Refi
• Ask About Government Grants
• Down-Payment Assistance
• No Fee Mortgage Refinancing
• No Minimum Loan to Value Requirements

Mortgage Refinancing

Low Credit Score Solutions
• Home Mortgage Refinancing for Bad Credit
• High LTV Mortgage Refinance
• No Credit Score Minimum with VA Refinancing
• 500 Minimum with FHA
• Refinance Fannie Mae Liens

Bad Credit Equity Loans

2nd Mortgage for Bad Credit

Refinance Mortgage Highlights

• Streamline Refinance with No Appraisal Required on FHA, VA
• No Loan to Value with HARP
• Home Affordable Refinance
• Learn How to Go Beyond 100% LTV

Refinance without Equity

Read more about how HARP Lenders can help homeowners who have been held back from refinancing because their mortgage lien is "underwater." If you have been unable to get the servicing company that hold your note to provide a lower payment solution, and then ask a Nationwide agent if this government backed program can help you and your family. The Home Affordable Refinance goes even further than the 100% Mortgage because there are no LTV limitations anymore. HARP refinance rates remain low and affordable, so find out if you meet the eligibility requirements before this Obama mortgage refinance program expires.



Home Affordable Refinance Program Rules for 2018 and Beyond

The Home Affordable Refinance Program, also called the Home Affordable Refinance Program, has proven to be a valuable asset to homeowners all over the country who have been able to save a substantial amount of money on their monthly mortgage payments. This limited time program continues to exceed 100% refinancing as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have withdrawn all previous loan to value restrictions. If you are looking for a guaranteed mortgage refinance but are cautious because you have been rejected by other lenders because you have negative equity, this program may be answer to prayers. There are a few requirements so talking to a HARP approved lender is the first step. If you meet the requirements under HARP, you have a guaranteed mortgage refinance regardless of your Loan to Value level. There are very few guarantees in the mortgage business, so take advantage of this opportunity if you meet the eligibility standards because HARP will not last forever.

There is no minimum LTV requirement for eligible borrowers seeking to refinance their underwater mortgage. That means you are not restricted to a 100 LTV mortgage any more. Even individuals who owe more money on their home than what it is worth have been able to put this program to use in order to help get their finances under control. Individuals who have what is known as a "piggyback loan" may wonder whether this type of HARP program can benefit them as well. Find out if the Obama mortgage refinance plan offers the benefits to meet your needs. The Obama Administration continues its support for Americans to secure refinancing programs that help keep homeowners in their home regardless of the equity ratio. Read more about Obama's plan for affordable refinancing under HARP.

5 Valuable Tips for Refinancing with No Equity in Today's Market

Article Updated by James Swift

  1. Shop Around for Refinance Offers. While most lending companies will require that you have at least 20% equity in your house, it's not always the case. There is a small pool of lenders that have access to utilize a variety of unique refinance programs and tools to help you find a no equity mortgage refinance option. The key is not to stop at the first one. Check in and review refinancing standards with multiple sources and see which program best meets your goals and credentials. It's also good to know that some loan companies work harder than other. That's why choosing the right company is essential if you want to successfully refinance without equity. Compare refinance mortgage rates.
  2. Focus on HARP. The Home Affordable Refinance Program was developed by government backed mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to help solve the deflated housing market that led to millions of homeowners suffering with underwater mortgages. The program works with lenders to help approve refinance loans for those with no equity in their home. This popular government program has helped countless Americans successfully complete an underwater refinance transaction. If you have been denied or rejected for a refinance mortgage because you have no equity or maybe your mortgage balance is greater than your property's value, this could be exactly the solution you need. There are a handful of lenders out there that are HARP approved, but you need to find a refinance company that gets results for this specific government program.
It is imperative to find out if your first mortgage lien is owned by one of the government mortgage companies, Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. You may have had a different mortgage company or bank originate the loan, but You need to determine if Fannie or Freddie bought your loan.

Fannie? - Look Up Your Home Loan to Determine if it is Owned by Fannie Mae.

Freddie? - Find Out If Your Mortgage is Owned by Freddie Mac

  1. Stay on the Job. While programs like HARP are designed to help you refinance, they still hold traditional underwriting standards related to your ability to repay the loan you're asking for. In other words, you need to maintain a good, dependable work history and income for a period of time. Two years is preferred, and the longer you work somewhere, the better. This is a common-sense point, but still something that needs to be said.
  2. Continue to Pay Your Bills. Even HARP won't be able to help you if you're sinking in unpaid debt that leads to a horrible credit profile. Yes, it's possible to achieve a refinance mortgage with a low credit score, but if the last year has been nothing but one defaulted loan after another, you'll find that you have a much harder time qualifying for an affordable refinance.
  3. Don't Give Up. Again, this hardly seems like breaking news, but many people who could actually be approved for a loan through Home Affordable Refinance in 2017 actually give up before they've exhausted all of their options. Do not assume that just because one or two lenders rejected your previous applications that you don't have a chance. Remember that HARP guidelines and requirements have changed every year and that being denied for lack of equity will not be a problem when looking for a fixed refinance mortgage under the HARP plan.

100% Mortgage Refinance Options with HARP on Piggyback Loans?

The first, and most important, thing to keep in mind is that funds received through the HARP program cannot be used to pay off the second mortgage. This does not mean that a person is completely out of options, however. An individual can work with either the lending company that they currently have or a completely new one and see about refinancing their 2nd lien at the same time that they refinance through this program. In most cases people that have an equity loan or line of credit that exceeds the property value but seek 100% refinance loans should request a subordination agreement with the company that holds the note to their junior mortgage.

Even if an individual does nothing about their junior mortgage and keeps it exactly as is, refinancing through the Home Affordable Refinance Program can save an individual a significant amount of money each and every month. While this may not make the 2nd lien go away completely, it will allow an individual to focus more of their funds on paying off the 2nd mortgage sooner than would otherwise be possible and get back to only a single loan payment each month.

As with most refinance programs available to the government to help homeowners get back on their feet, not everyone is going to qualify for this type of program, and it will not provide the same level of benefits to each and every homeowner out there. It is well worth exploring all the different options, especially if an individual feels that they are at risk of defaulting on their mortgages or are having difficulty keeping up with their monthly payments and need a little bit of extra help to get their finances back under control so that they can go back to enjoying their home.


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