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Buy a Home with All Credit Mortgages, Limited or No Credit Programs

Check out the affordable purchase money mortgage financing and home buying mortgages loans from respected lenders that have a proven track record. Shop here for attractive low-down payment loans for existing homeowners and first-time homebuyers with good, fair and bad credit. See the available mortgage rates and compare conventional, subprime and government loans with options for fixed rate, interest only and more. If you need help finding the best loans to buy a house, then Nationwide has your back.

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Finance a Home with Little or $0 Money Down
Learn How to Buy a Home in 2018

Nationwide Mortgages provides Americans with info about 100% home financing programs that have been successful at transforming people who rent into new homeowners. Potentially you could save a lot of money if you qualify for a no money down mortgage. We can help you figure out how to buy a house with a mortgage payment that meets your budget. Research home loan programs that allow you to purchase a house without any funds even if you are a first-time homebuyer. Let the financing pros help you get a loan for a house.

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Purchase Loan

FHA no credit home loans enable consumers to lock in a very low rate with only depositing 3.5% down for a new home purchase. FHA borrowers can finance the mortgage insurance premium, so they do not have to come out of pocket. Today's rates on purchase money mortgage loans have never been lower and more accessible to the public than now, so complete this form below and get a free quote with no obligation.

Buying a home can be tough on your emotions if you are not prepared properly. It is imperative to get Pre-approved from a lender that has a strong reputation.

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Now you can imagine how stressful buying a home with bad credit would be. That's why we work with lenders who are willing to take a risk extending home mortgages to low fico borrowers and first-time home buyers.

Top 7 Things to Consider for First Time Home Buyers

Get Pre-Qualified Quickly on a Home Loan

Too often home buyers lose their financing half way through escrow and it could put your offer in jeopardy. Nationwide works with credible home loan lenders that has a great reputation for delivering financing for first time home buyers in a timely manner. Find out why so many people are talking about new opportunities with no credit home loans and limited credit purchase money programs. Learn how to get a mortgage pre-approval quickly and effectively from companies that are trusted.

Why would you put the buy your first house at risk by working with an unproven mortgage broker? Simply submit your basic information on the form above and one of our purchase loan specialists will be calling you shortly. They will assess your needs and to get you started with a pre-qualification for home financing that outlines how much you are approved to borrow and at what interest rate.

The era for low interest home buying loans has arrived. With property values dipping to 10-year lows nationally, now is a prudent time to people to "buy low." Meet purchase money lenders that offer special incentives and discounts on many purchase loan programs, so discuss your eligibility with one of our team members today.

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  • Owner Home Financing
  • New Home Buyer Loans
  • House Loans with Gift Money
  • Purchase Mortgages for Low Credit
Nationwide Delivers Helpful Insight on Affordable Purchase Loans for All Types of Borrowers: It's no secret that fico scores can impact qualification, pricing and the cost of buying a home. We can help you find companies that offer unique home purchase financing programs for a wide variety of Americans.

Home Buying with Bad Credit
If you have low fico scores, don't fret because Nationwide offers several home purchase loans for people with bad credit scores.

Buy a Home with a FHA Loan

Home financing with FHA makes qualify to buy a home with bad credit much easier. We offer multiple FHA mortgages that are designed for first time homebuyers. There are several purchase loan programs insured by the FHA for 1st time house buying, vacation homes and investment properties.

What You Need to Qualify for the Best Home Buying Loans

Leverage with Home Purchase Loans

Home Buying Versus Renting

Get Help from the FHA Home Buying Experts

FHA home purchase loans enable consumers to lock in a very low rate with only depositing 3.5% down for a new home purchase. FHA borrowers are allowed to finance the mortgage insurance premium, so they do not have to come out of pocket.

FHA still extends home loans for people with bad credit ratings because they understand the value of 2nd chance home financing. With FHA home buying loans available with fico scores as low 500, the opportunities remain available.

Today's rates on FHA purchase loans have never been lower and more accessible to the public than now, so complete this form below and get a free quote with no obligation.

FHA Loans for First-Time Home Buyers

Credit Still Key for Home Loan Qualification

Don't try and buy a house with bad credit just anywhere. Learn more about your fico scores and get help finding lenders that specialize is bad credit home mortgages. Get Your Free Credit Score!

Credit Ratings for Home Loan Qualification

Get Pre-Qualified and Learn how to get approved for a home mortgage with damaged credit
Find Out How to Buy a Home with government home financing. Get the Facts to Get Approved for a FHA loan with only 3.5% down.
Preserve thousands of dollars a year with a purchase money loan locked in with fixed interest rates for 3-years!
Get a Pre-Approval Letter on Purchase Money Mortgage and Home Finance Programs
Finance Home Improvements
Get Another Chance with Home Mortgages for Bad Credit.
Learn more about getting pre-approved for home financing with limited or no credit.

Helpful info on home mortgage for credit & loan terms

How to Qualify for First Time Home Buyer Loans

100% Home Loans
Home Loans for Low Income

CALHFA for First Time Home Buying

Loans for Vacation Homes and Investment Properties

Our corporate headquarters is located in North County San Diego in beautiful Carlsbad, California, but we will help you shop lenders that provide home purchase mortgages in all 50 states.


Owner Financed Home Loans No Down-Payment Loans
Jumbo Purchase Loans Stated Income Home Buyer Loans
100% Home Financing with USDA and VA Purchase Loan with No Income Check
Buy a House with Limited or No Credit FHA Home Purchase Loans
Low-Doc Purchase Mortgages Buy a Home with Bad Credit
Sub-Prime Purchase Loan Programs Fixed Rate Home Buying Mortgages
Home Mortgages with Fixed Rate Amortization House Loans with Interest Only Payments

HUD Home Buying Tips

Nationwide Mortgages is leading the charge online with helpful info on purchase money loans and home financing that have opened the door for many Americans to become homeowners. Talk with purchase mortgage sources that have pioneered new territory for 100% home financing.

Our ability to match people with lenders offering house loans with bad credit has set us apart from our competition. Buying a home with zero down has become imperative for today's real estate market.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development was responsible for publishing the first settlement guide to closing a home loan. This valuable was developed to make choosing the right home loan less difficult. Apply for an FHA loan.

Download the Free HUD Guide "Shopping for Your Home Loan

Home Purchase Loan Rates are at historic low levels! Get Pre-Qualified Today!

Even if you're not looking for a new home, moving forward with refinancing your current 1st mortgage could save you money or put cash in your hands for various needs. Consider non-prime lenders if loan companies continue to reject your requests for traditional home refinancing. Many homeowners have turned to FHA for damaged credit home finance solutions.

Nationwide matches consumers with some of the few lenders that help people by extending home loans for bad credit scores. Look for secure house financing in an effort to get money back for home improvements or consolidate debts with extra cash out of the loan. Learn how to get help buying a home with bad credit, as this site can lead you to lenders willing to take on more risks. Why not research your ability to lower the current interest rate? Millions of Americans have realized lower mortgage payments because of the record low interest rates.

great home loan rates

Jumbo Home Mortgage Loans
These home buyer loans do not conform to the guidelines established by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac or exceeds the conventional loan limit is called a Jumbo loan. These jumbo purchase loan amounts can go range from $417,000 to 3 million dollars. We will help you shop for lenders that provide competitive interest rates on high balance purchase loans with FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Conventional Loans for Low Rate House Buying Programs
Common types of first home mortgages for consumers with good credit and an adequate debt to income ratio. In most cases, rates are unbeatable with conventional purchase loans, but most lenders require higher credit scores. There is no PMI with these types of mortgages as well. These types of purchase loans are securitized by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. The Federal Housing Authority Committee oversees these government sponsored enterprises. Recently the Federal Reserve has been influencing policies for government mortgage loans to stimulate the housing recovery with low cost home loan financing. Many people like this option because the borrower can avoid PMI with a purchase money 2nd mortgage that can close concurrently to 90 or 95%

FHA Purchase Mortgage for Americans Seeking Low Rates and Fair Credit
These are house loans insured by the FHA. They are generally a little easier to qualify for than conventional loans and may require less of a down payment. FHA loans are great for first time home buyers with less than 10% down. With the Federal Housing Administration people can buy a home with bad credit and only need to come up with a 3.5% down-payment for qualified borrowers. The minimum credit score is only 500 so the FHA continues to provide exceptional opportunities for 1st time home buyers with bad credit. The FHA encourages gift funds as this has been very important to facilitate the down-payment requirements for first time home loans. It is important to note that the FHA does not make or guarantee loans like the VA. The FHA only insures home buyer loans and refinancing transactions, but this is critical for the market because it ensures private lender participation. Otherwise, accredited FHA lenders would be less likely to approve home loans with low credit scores.

VA Home Buying Loans for Military Borrowers
VA home mortgage loans were created to assist eligible people on active military duty or retired status to buy primary residences. 100% home loans are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Typically, veteran borrowers can refinance later for lower rates with no appraisal required on the streamline program. With no mortgage insurance required and great rates, VA purchase loans have never been more attractive. Military home purchase programs are priced competitively, and the zero down-payment requirements remain very enticing to first time house buyers. See more on VA House Loans.



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