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One of the best ways to pay for home improvements or to consolidate credit cards is with cash in with home equity mortgages or credit lines. Check out the current home equity rates on fixed loans and variable rate equity lines. Debt consolidation is a popular use for the funds that come from home equity loans. Did you know that equity loans are considered 2nd mortgage liens? In most cases these cash out loans can be used for consolidating revolving debt, financing a vacation home or improving and remodeling your primary residence. Nationwide Mortgages can pair you with home equity loan lenders that offer finance solutions for debt refinancing, home construction, repairs and many other cash out opportunities.

Shop Home Equity Loan Programs Now and Get Money without Being Required to Refinance Your 1st

Home Equity Loans

Search for everything from stated income equity loans for self-employed people, to lines of credit for jump-starting the house remodel you have been dreaming of. There are never any application fees with any of our home equity loan programs.

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Find out why borrowers are excited about our fixed rate home equity loans that allow you to refinance existing adjustable rate credit line. Home equity loans are popular methods of financing, because the interest rates are low, and they are much more accessible than unsecured loans.

What Are the Interest Rates Today on a Home Equity Loan?

The 125% program has been put on hold, but many loan companies still offer no equity mortgages and home equity loans for people with challenging situations.

Homeowners have been granted more financial freedom with the power that comes from a home equity loan. If you complete the form above, one of our lenders will get back to you with current rates and options for the best priced equity mortgages in the marketplace. Top Home Equity Loan Programs

Access Cash Quickly with an Affordable Home Equity Loan
For the last three decades, homeowners continue to choose equity loans or 2nd mortgages to get money from their home rather refinancing their existing mortgages. In most cases the home equity process is easier and costs less. Ask one of our agents for a home equity loan analysis to see if this financing tool is right for you.

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Key Home Equity Factors

Home Equity Loan

- Fixed Rate Loan
- Fixed Loan Term
- Fixed Loan Payment
- Closed End Equity Loan
- Principal & Interest Payments
- Pay Interest on entire Loan
- Great for Debt Consolidation
- Great for Peace of Mind
- Great Long Term Cash

Equity Lines of Credit

- Revolving Lines Like Credit Cards
- Adjustable Interest Rate
- Variable Rates
- Prime Rate-WSJ Index
- Open End Equity Line
- Borrower & Borrower Again
- Pay Interest on what you access
- Interest Only Payments
- For Home Improvement Projects
- Great for Safety Net
- Great Short term Cash

Top 5 Equity Loan Purposes
  1. Making House Repairs
  2. Leverage Revolving Debt
  3. Solar Energy Installation
  4. Finance College Tuition
  5. Maximize Tax Deductions

Can Home Equity Mortgages Help Raise Credit Scores?

No longer do you have to let credit concerns stop you from meeting your financing needs. We suggest looking at a home loan insured by the Federal Housing Administration if you are unable to qualify you're an equity loan.

If you add a home equity mortgage to your property's title then you are re-establishing credit. This is a great way to elevate your credit score quickly and effectively.

Comparing an Equity Loan to an Offer in Compromise to Pay of Tax Debt – The IRS has clear guidelines on eligibility to negotiate settling past due tax debts.

Best Time to Use Home Equity
  • Wipe out compounding credit card interest
  • Consolidating all your bills into one lower monthly payment can increase your cash flow
  • Refinance existing 2nd mortgages and credit loans
  • Consolidate Debt & Save with reduced interest from an Equity Loan
  • Convert your adjustable rates to a Fixed Rate Loan
  • Rebuild your credit reports from higher fico scores
  • Get Cash Back for Savings
  • Finance Home Improvements
  • Install Solar Energy Systems
  • Refinance your home equity line of credit

Non-Owner Occupied Loans
  • 2nd home or Investment
  • 1st & 2nd Mortgages
  • Fixed or Variable Rates
  • Interest-Only
  • 75-80% CLTV
  • Refinance or Purchase


Home Equity Loan Programs to Improve Your Financial State

Home Equity Mortgage

  Cash Back Home Equity
Fixed Loans for Consolidation
Home Improvement Loans
Home Equity Line of Credit
Sub-Prime Equity Loans
Interest Only HELOC
Fixed Rate Equity Home Loan
Low Doc Home Equity Loans
No Insurance w/ Equity Loans
Stated Income Equity Loan
Bad Credit Home Equity Mortgages
Refinancing Variable Loans
Fixed Rate Home Equity Mortgage
No Income Verified Loans
100% Home Equity Loans

For those looking for cash back on the purchase of their home, they are often faced with the decision to either take out a home equity loan or refinance the mortgage on their residential property. Both options allow home owners to secure a nicely sized amount of money, but some may find one option more beneficial than the other due to their own individual situations.

Refinancing a home loan for cash back can be a good financial decision if you find yourself needing money for a serious investment and your interest rate is higher than the market average. For example if your 1st mortgage rate is 6% and the market average is 4.75%, then it makes sense to refinance rather than take out a second mortgage for quick cash. Refinancing a home loan will often include lesser interest rates than those incurred while taking out a home equity loan, and a home owner may even be able to get their interest rates for the mortgage lessened over time. When a home owner refinances his or her existing lien, they are in turn taking out a new mortgage on their house and their adjusted interest rate will be the new finance rate they pay back over time. If a person's credit improves, or the interest being seen on the market lowers, a home refinance can mean a great deal of money saved over time as well as the opportunity to receive money back for a monetary need.

However, if interest rates on the market have gone up, or there has been a dip in a homeowner's credit score, a refinanced interest rate may go up from the original amount, which is something that homeowners must take into account because taking out a home equity would make sense over refinancing in this case.

However, if closing costs are an issue, a home equity loan may be a homeowner's best choice. The closing costs associated with home equity mortgages are significantly lower than those found with the refinancing process, and these costs can add up. Also, a home equity loan can be thought of as a line of credit that once opened, can be borrowed from easily again. This means that if a homeowner only requires a small sum of money at a given time, he or she should only need to use and pay interest on this small sum until it is paid back into the equity line. However, an equity home loan will require a homeowner to have the proper line of equity to borrow from, and if their house has depressed in value, a refinance may be the better option.

Stated Income - Home Equity Line

80% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $300,000
70% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $500,000
For more information and a No Cost Quote

Full Documentation - Home Equity
(W2's, Paystubs etc.)

100% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $300,000 (See loan companies for requirements)
90% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $400,000
80% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $500,000
For more information and a Free Home Equity Quote

Second Home - Home Equity Line

85% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $300,000
75% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $500,000
For more information and a Equity Mortgage Quote with No Fees

Non-Owner Occupied Home Equity Mortgages

80% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $300,000
70% CLTV- maximum loan amount-is $400,000
For more home equity loan information and a No Cost Quotes from Multiple Lenders

Did you know that you can use the equity in your home to fund home improvement projects or to consolidate debt? Nationwide is dedicated to helping you learn more about securing the perfect home equity mortgage so that you can finally take that dream vacation or consolidate those high-interest credit cards. Even with low fico scores you can refinance bad credit with a 1st or 2nd loan. Let us help you fulfill your financial dreams!

We are one of the premiere Home Equity Lenders on the internet for debt consolidation and loans for home improvements. You can consolidate your bills with a low interest home equity loan and save hundreds of dollars every month. *In addition, there may tax deductions for mortgage interest up to the value of your home.

Find out how much you can save by eliminating your credit card interest. Finance advisors recommend consolidating revolving debt into a secure option like a home equity loan that lower monthly payments and extends new tax deductibility opportunities as well! We suggest that you always speak with a financial advisor that understands the IRS codes for tax deductibility with home equity loan programs.

  • Cash Out for Debt Consolidation
  • Liquid Funds for Home Improvements
  • Flexible on HELOC Loans
  • Exclusive 1st Time Home Buyer Programs
  • No Insurance Needed on Cash Out Home Loan Products
  • Learn More on Stated Income Programs with Reduced Income Documentation
  • Incentivized Government Programs when Upgrading to Solar Energy
  • Compare Loans from Competitive Home Equity Lenders

Why not take out a Home Improvement loan and make those additions or remodeling projects? In most cases, the investment will help increase the equity in your home!

You no longer have to accumulate the growing interest on your credit cards, because you may qualify for home equity mortgages that have a fixed, simple interest rate with additional tax savings. Apply today and be on the road to financial freedom!


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