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Sit back in your chair and compare rates on a flexible home equity line of credit from the lenders best known for creative home financing and cash out opportunities. Nationwide Mortgages suggests that consumers shop online and compare home equity lines of credit with prime rates and bad credit equity lines. Yes these secure credit lines give you the freedom to access cash on your terms. Consumers like these equity lines of credit because there is no interest charged on unused portions of the credit lines. This allows you to finance home improvements on your schedule. We also offer fixed 100% home equity loans, second mortgages, and variable option credit lines for homeowners who need cash out for home improvements or debt consolidation.

Let the Nationwide Lenders hold your hand through the Approval Process!

Adding a home equity line to your house can open up future opportunities that may arise when you least expect it. Get savvy and set up the best home equity line of credit now, and if you ever need to access cash you will already have the account set up. There is no obligation and no fees to compare offers for the best home equity credit lines online.

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Our Home Equity Credit Lenders offer several mortgage options for all types of credit scores. Even if you have fallen behind on your bills, or had a past bankruptcy years ago, Nationwide Mortgages offers many sub-prime credit lines to help homeowners get access to cash when they need it.

  • Higher Credit Line Amounts
  • No Annual Fees on HELOCS
  • Credit Card Refinancing
  • Get Quick Cash for Home Repairs
  • Cash Out Refinance
  • Sub-Prime Home Equity Lines
  • Cash to Purchase Second Homes
  • Credit Lines for Emergencies
  • Check Today's Home Equity Line of Credit Rates

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Nationwide will help you find companies that best meet your goals. We will help you uncover new opportunities that work you're your credit credentials as well.

Home Equity Lines

What is Your Credit Score?
Make sure you know your credit score before you compare home equity line rates.
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Call our Loan Department with any questions. Whether you want to discuss loan programs, mortgage rates or just need more assistance understanding terms like refinance,, home equity line of credit, purchase money or interest only.

Equity Lines for Bad Credit

Check out of the recent expanded lines of credit for people with low fico scores. Nationwide extends home equity lines to people with a wide range of credit scores, loan to value and debt ratios.

* Past Credit Problems
* Bankruptcy are OK
* Late on credit cards OK
* Mortgage lates OK

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More Home Equity Line Program Information

Equity Lines of Credit

- Revolving Lines Like Credit Cards
- Adjustable Interest Rate
- Variable Rates
- Prime Rate-WSJ Index
- Open End Equity Line
- Borrower & Borrower Again
- Pay Interest on what you access
- Interest Only Payments
- For Home Improvement Projects
- Great for Safety Net
- Great Short term Cash

Home Equity Lines for Investments Adding an equity line of credit can be a great vehicle for investing. Thousands of homeowners have bought a 2nd home or investment property from funds accessed in a credit line.

Find out how much you can qualify for today. Don’t forget that you only pay interest on the portion of the credit line that you access!

  • Money to Consolidate Bills
  • Finance House Remodeling
  • Cash Out for Home Improvements
  • Flexible Equity Lines of Credit
  • Exclusive 1st Time Home Buyer Programs
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance
  • Ask about Stated Income Programs with No Income Documentation Required.

What is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

We define a home equity credit line as an account set up for you by a bank or lender using your residential real estate as collateral. Obviously the bank is specific using the equity you have in your house as collateral and that is determined by a licensed appraiser. A HELOC loan is similar to a credit card as it is a revolving account for the homeowner to access money. Unlike a fixed rate equity loan, the borrower only pays interest on the portion they have used. In most cases home equity line rates are adjustable and most lenders have extended interest-only options to qualified applicants.

Many people like to compare the home equity line of credit to the equity loan and many people get flustered because they don't know which type of financing is right for them. In simple terms if you know exactly how much you need to borrow now, the fixed home equity loan makes sense. If you are not sure how much you need to borrow or when you actually need it, then the flexible home equity line of credit makes sense because you don't pay interest until you access the funds.

Why the Home Equity Line of Credit Is a Smart Move for Homeowners

Smart homeowners today understand that with a bit of forethought and planning, they can put their homes to work financially for them. It will always be your private refuge from the world, but at the same time you can use it like the asset that it is and receive excellent financial gains from it. A perfect example of this is the home equity line of credit, and when you decide to take advantage of it, you and your family can benefit in a big way.

First, it's worth understanding what the home equity line of credit is. Instead of a traditional loan, this type of lending program offers you a set amount of funds that are put into an account. Then, you can use those funds whenever you wish, however you wish. You aren't charged interest on the overall sum – just on what you've actually used. Essentially, you can think of this line of credit like a credit card – only with better terms.
If you're not convinced, let's look at some of the benefits that the home equity line of credit offers you.

  • Interest rates on these lines of credit are very low, primarily because they're backed by your home. Your line of credit is determined by how much equity is in your home, making your 2nd mortgage loan much less risky to lenders.
  • Most lenders will set up your home equity line with no costs, no closing costs, and no annual fees. This means that you have a line of credit you can use without all of the higher costs associated with credit cards – but that can be used almost exactly like a credit card would be utilized.
  • You only pay interest on the money you use from the credit line. In traditional refinance or equity loans, whatever you borrow immediately begins accruing interest. But with these loans, your interest is only charged on funds you use. That means you can keep your monthly payments lower and save in the long run.
  • Peace of Mind - The fact that you have a line of credit you can borrow from and repay as needed means that you give yourself a kind of safety net. This in turn means that you are able to rest easier knowing that you are more financially secure. The key, of course, is to use the line of credit responsibly.
  • The home equity line of credit is also tax deductible under current tax codes. This helps you by providing additional incentives over other lines of credit – how many credit cards can you say are tax deductible?

In short, taking out a home equity line of credit is one of the smartest moves that a homeowner can make today. Whether you need the funds for a vacation or just want to set up a kind of emergency fund that is there when you need it, there are few reasons not to consider this type of loan. Compared to other options, it offers a tremendous number of benefits that simply can't be ignored. Shop Second Mortgage Lenders.

Popular Home Equity Credit Line Programs
Reduce Income Documentation- Home Equity Line

90% CLTV- maximum line amount-is $300,000
80% CLTV- maximum line amount-is $500,000
For more information and a No Cost Credit Line Quote

Full Documentation - Home Equity Credit Lines
(W2's, Paystubs etc.)

100% CLTV- maximum line of credit amount-is $300,000
90% CLTV- maximum line of credit amount-is $400,000
80% CLTV- maximum line of credit amount-is $500,000
For more information and a No Cost Quote

Second Home - Home Equity Line of Credit

90% CLTV- maximum credit line amount-is $200,000
80% CLTV- maximum credit line amount-is $400,000
70% CLTV- maximum credit line amount-is $500,000
For more information and a No Cost Equity Line Quote

Non-Owner Occupied - 2nd Mortgage

80% CLTV- maximum line amount-is $300,000
70% CLTV- maximum line amount-is $400,000
60% CLTV- maximum line amount-is $500,000
For more information and a No Cost Quote For a Line of Credit

New Home Equity Loan and Credit Line Programs Updates

Over the last few weeks, several trusted lenders have informed Nationwide that their credit score requirements for many of their home equity line programs have been revised. In many cases borrowers can qualify for a HELOC with less equity than previously stated.

Many lending participants are reporting that in many cases Underwriting approvals are taking up to 24 hours for many of the home equity credit line programs. Find out if HELOCs have the features that would benefit your situations.

Are you expecting online approvals for home equity options in less than 10 minutes? Get help finding Home Equity Lenders that value your time and appreciates your business.

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Home Equity Line Requirements:
Full Documentation Loan

Please gather the following loan conditions ASAP

* 2 years of Income documentation:
* W2s, 1099s, or Tax Returns
* Last 2 Pay-stubs
* Promissory Lending Note
* Monthly Mortgage Statement
* Home Owners Insurance Page Once you have gathered the documentation above, you will have them ready to FAX after you complete the simple loan form and discuss your loan needs with the loan officer who will be responding to your request. To complete the loan request form online.

Why Do Homeowners Love Home Equity Lines of Credit?

For decades homeowners have been leveraging the equity in their home by using the secured credit line. Borrowers can cash in on your home's equity and use the money for home improvements and consolidating debt. It's one of the rare opportunities for U.S. consumers to receive money in a credit line while typically being tax deductible.

Home Equity Line Rates

Nationwide Mortgages can help you find some of the most respected Home equity line lenders on the internet that offers a HELOC for debt consolidation and improving your house. We will introduce you to loan officers can show you credit lines for consolidating your bills with a low interest home equity lines that saves you hundreds of dollars every month. *In addition there may tax deductions for interest paid up to the value of your home.

We suggest you stop dreaming about remodeling your house and take action by getting approved for a home equity line of credit and make those cosmetic changes that you've been talking about. In most cases, making home improvements increases the value of your property.

*approvals for an equity line of credit are subject to application submission and to mortgage lender approval based on the following: verification of income, employment, assets and other information like obtaining an acceptable property

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