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Today is a prudent time to shop mortgage lenders that provide a house repair loan with low rates and tax deductibility. We offer home improvement loans within our 2nd mortgage program that enable you maximize your homeownership. Now you can increase the value of your home by fixing it up and you don't have to "come out of pocket."

Home Improvement Loans
  • Repair the Fence
  • Upgrade Landscaping
  • Install Solar Energy
  • Replace the Roof
  • Remodel your Kitchen
  • Install a Swimming Pool

Get quotes from leading lenders for home improvements nationally for rehabilitation and home remodeling loans. Choose from a simple credit line, to a rehabilitation insured by the FHA, to a full-blown home construction loan. Our Home Improvement Lenders offer several loan options for most types of credit scores.

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If you want to get money out of your house for making home repairs, shop home improvement lenders that offer many equity loans to help homeowners get money when they need it. Have you decided how you were going to finance the construction and pay for the home remodeling? You should know that most banks and mortgage companies do not offer competitive home improvements loan programs. Nationwide has a pulse on the lending environment and we'll match you with lenders that specialize in home remodeling, constructions and home equity credit lines.

Consider a Home Improvement Loan that Rewards Green Energy

Why not improve your kingdom with energy efficient financing that lowers your monthly expenses while making the world a better place to live in. Consider the 203K loan and PACE financing that extend incentives to renewable energy. The HELOC loan is another popular option because of the easy accessibility and affordability.

We created this website in an effort to automate the consumer process of finding loans online. Now you can shop direct lenders that offer home repair loans in most states. Find out how much you qualify to finance home improvements today. Our agents will also help you uncover saving by means of refinancing your existing liens. You can take cash out for investing in home improvements! We offer financing for everything from remodeling a kitchen, to adding a room or building a deck. The home equity loan rates are low and the approvals are quick. Per the National Association of Realtors, making home improvements can significantly increase the value of your home, so make the investment and finance a home improvement loan.

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Room Additions
  • Patios & Decks
  • Pool & Spas
  • Landscaping

Top 15 Tips for Making Home Improvements as a Homeowner

Many homeowners want to increase the value of their home, whether they want to sell it for a better price or borrow equity, and many other reasons. These days, there are plenty of simple, affordable ways to make home improvements that will add value and usefulness to your house. Don't forget there are a wide variety of home improvement loan programs to choose from today.

Remember, when it comes to improving your house, the key is to not spend money that you are unlikely to get back.

Read on to learn the 15 best ways to improve your residence:

#1 Improve the Landscaping
Experts recommend putting down new sod, replacing old bushes and add a splash of color with flower beds or potted flowers. Just a few simple improvements in your front yard can really pay dividends when getting ready to sell.

#2 Gussy Up the Entryway
Other than the yard, the first thing that people see of your home is the entryway. A great way to make a good first impression is to buy a new front door or even paint the old one. Experts also recommend putting in a door with windows as this adds light and air to the entryway.

#3 Replace Lights and Plumbing
Nothing says your house is old and outdated more than old light and plumbing fixtures. Gold light fixtures are very old school; brushed nickel is much more current. Also consider replacing old bathroom faucets with something new and fresh. This is a very affordable way to add a modern touch to an older home.

#4 Try a Partial Renovation
Gutting an entire bathroom is an expensive proposition, and you may not get all that money back. Instead, consider installing a new, contemporary vanity and reface the tub. In the kitchen, consider re-facing the old cabinets and replace the faucet and counters.

#5 Replace Popcorn Ceilings
At least half of your potential buyers will walk when they see those in a house. If you are going to remove them, use care if your home is out of the 1970s because the ceilings could contain asbestos. You would need a professional to remove those dated ceilings in that case.

#6 Take Out Window Treatments
Unless the window treatments are current and more expensive, you should remove them. Older window treatments can turn off potential buyers. Also, uncovered windows allow more light into the home. Once you get a contract on the home, you can offer the buyer the window treatments you removed.

#7 Replace Old Carpet
It is worth trying to clean carpet first but dirty carpet always turns off buyers. In some cities, you should probably take the carpet out if there is hard wood there.

#8 Paint the Rooms
It is always a good idea to paint the inside in neutral colors, especially lighter ones. A fresh coat of paint always helps to brighten up the house.

#9 Replace Siding
Generally, replacing old siding costs about $12,000, and you will get back over 80% of what you spent when you sell the home, according to experts. New siding adds curb appeal and is easily seen. However, if the siding is just dirty, consider spending a few hundred dollars on a good power washing.

#10 Replace the Garage Door
For many homes, experts say that the garage door is the nose on the face of the house. A new garage door usually ranks as one of the best returns on investment in your home. The average cost is around $2000 and it will return up to 87% at resale.

#11 New Wood Floors
If you do decide to take out that old carpet and you do not have wood beneath, consider installing wood floors. You will get most of what you spend back when you sell.

The average cost of putting in a new floor is $5500 and you will get 90% back when you sell.

#12 New Insulation
Insulation may not be sexy, but a good insulation upgrade will increase the value of your home. On average, the cost is around $2000, but you will recoup up to 95% of the cost when you sell.

Experts say that consumers are becoming more conscious of energy efficiency, and new insulation is something that realtors will be sure to highlight.

#13 Refinish Hardwood Floors
If you want to get back nearly all that you put into a home improvement, you should refinish hardwood floors if you have them. Refinishing will cost $2000 or $3000 but the good news is that you will get almost all of that money back when you resell.

Real estate experts say that nice, refinished hardwood floors really appeal when potential buyers walk in the door.

#14 New Roof
If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you rarely can go wrong with replacing the roof. A new roof will cost you an average of $7500, but experts say that homeowners will recoup more than the cost of the roof when it is time to sell.

However, note that a new roof is not the type of upgrade that will sell the house for most people. The most important thing about the roof is that it works, from a potential buyer's perspective.

#15 Install New Toilets
Did you know that toilets that were installed before 1995 use as much as six gallons per flush? Newer toilets only use around 1.5 gallons. Over years, this can be thousands of gallons of water that you do not use. Also, older toilets tend to not flush as well and waste water and money. Replacing a toilet costs only about $150 and is a great way to show that your house is energy efficient.

Remember to try some of these home improvements to increase the value of your home, and to get more enjoyment out of it yourself.

Find Home Improvement Loans

  • Learn How to Qualify for an affordable construction loan to raise the value of your home.
  • Get approved for a credit line that enables you to finance house repairs as you see fit.
  • Get a home improvement mortgage offering tax incentives and more.
  • Save more money with low interest rates for remodeling
  • Convert your adjustable rates to a Fixed Rate Loan
  • Rebuild your credit & Raise your Scores
  • Get Money for Pool Construction & More
  • Finance Home Improvements
  • Refinance your home equity line of credit

Do not let your lack of savings prevent you from remodeling or repairing your house. We provide loans for home improvements for all types of borrowers.

Many reputable financial advisors recommend adding a home equity line of credit to homeowners because it's a savvy way to finance house repairs and pay for construction.

Special Financing for Home Remodeling, Improvements and More

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