Bio for Author, James Swift

Greetings readers. My name is James Swift and I grew up in the seventies in a small beach community in Los Angeles. After graduating from a notorious California state School, my post-graduate work focused on business, finance, and economics.

I began my journey in the financial sector in the mid 1990's. After nearly 12 years of experience working with several well-known "failed mortgage giants," I felt compelled to follow my passion of writing on the main topic I had authority in. My experience and understanding of the roller-coaster ride with Wall Street mortgage banks led me to be an online voice for the new millennium.

Witnessing the rise and fall of prominent lending companies has given me a plethora of experience to draw from. That's one of the reasons why many industry insiders consider me an expert in the field of mortgage related stuff for consumers. My drive and passion move me to write articles to help Americans improve their financial habits via homeownership.

My expertise in real estate finance has driven me to focus "homeownership" toward the best practices of anything related to the "home." I have written countless articles for commercial blogs and websites over the last couple of decades. Today I am living the dream, a freelance copywriter and contributing web publisher for Nationwide Mortgages.

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